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How To Taste Wine Like A Pro?

Let's celebrate with good wines and sweet words.
Let's celebrate with good wines and sweet words.
It was an evening well spent with Wine Talk. I've always been extremely interested to learn more about the different types of wine and how do they taste different from each other because from a person who don't know how to appreciate wine, it all taste the same to me. The only thing I probably know how to differentiate is the colour and whether if it's too strong for me. Lols. #noob

about Wine
David Stephan giving an introduction about Wine Talk.
Wine Talk's French sommelier, David Stephan, was not only there to give us a talk about wines but also, he was being a super gentleman by pouring all of us wine personally and chatted with us during intermission. All wines we tried that night are exclusive to Wine Talk, you wouldn't be able to find them in our local supermarkets or wine shops. 

Other than just tasting wines, thankfully, they also taught us what wine pairs well with what kind of food. In collaboration with La Bodega Lounge, an entertainment space to relax and unwind, we were served with awesome food! #OhYeah

5 glasses of wines
We had two white wines, one rose, and two red wines.
How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #1 - Hold the wine glass by the stem, not by its bowl
Why - to reduce wine exposure to heat from your fingers and it also makes you look like a pro. 

How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #2 - Swirl the wine but don't spill them
Why - to release the aromas of the wine

Tucumen Sauvignon Blanc - Mendoza, Argentina

easy to drink white wine
This 100% Sauvignon Blanc white wine is a soft and mellow wine with delicate floral and citrus notes. It's also comes with great subtle aromas of peach and lemon. It's extremely refreshing and easy to drink, great for beginners like me. It's an excellent wine to start a meal with and pairs really well with seafood, fish, pastas, poultry and goat cheese.

We were served with Spanish octopus with potatoes, paprika and extra virgin olive oil. Try them with coarse sea salt, I swear it'll be orgasmic!
octopus on potato
Pulpo a la Gallega
How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #3 - Sniff the wine
Why - mainly just for you to decide if you like the aromas or not. It's a very subjective matter, different people may smell different thing, so don't panic if other pros describe other things. 

How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #4 - Look at the colour of your wine
Why - the colour gives you an idea about the taste of the wine. If I'm not mistaken, the lighter the colour (not comparing red to white but comparing within its own colour family) the easier its to drink. To look good, hold up the glass to get some light.

Monte da Peceguina 'Branco' - Alentejo, Portugal

Medium body white wine
The Branco white wine is a classic blend of local varieties, showcasing an aromatic expression of the grapes. Its citrus and floral notes combined with a great minerality and intense flavours as well as balanced by great acidity, makes this wine great with roasted prawns, rich fishes or grill white meats. 

We were served with tiger prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilli. 

prawns in olive oil
Gambas al Ajillo
How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #5 - Sip the wine, not gulp
Why - it gives you more chance to appreciate the taste of the wine. 

How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #6 - Take note of the aftertaste
Why - To taste if a wine have strong or light tannins (dryness) Mostly found in red wine. 

Chateau Fontareche Corbieres 'Tradition' Rose - Languedoc, France

rose wine
A classic Southern France Rosé, made mostly from a very old local varietal, the Picquepoul Noir. I have no idea what does that mean but it's basically a very fresh and expressive wine with notes of wild strawberries and fruit drops. This light grenadine pink in colour wine is mainly loved by most ladies and should always serve it cold. Try it with a selection of tapas or BBQ dishes. 

We were served with lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce. I don't particularly find this dish tasty. 

lamb meatballs
Albondigas "Saint Climent"
How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #7 - Swirl, sniff and sip again
Why - to rediscover the aromas and taste again.

How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #8 - Be familiar with basic wine terms
Why - to talk the talk. To sound like you know what you're talking about. So do some research. 

Lion's Lair Shiraz - Swartland, South Africa

medium body red wine
This 100% Shiraz red wine aged in stainless steel to keep the authenticity of the opulent, bright fruit. It has an elegant range of taste with round tannins, layered with clove spice, ripe cherries and violets. Perfect for those with sophisticated palate. Pairs well with feast-worthy food such as roasted duck or grilled meats.

We were served with a delicious Spanish rice cooked in a paella with squid ink and squids, topped with garlic mayonnaise and tiger prawns. The garlic mayo totally brings the whole dish together, it's worth cheating your diet with this heavenly carb.

squid ink rice
Arroz Negro con Calamares y Allioli
How To Taste Wine Like A Pro Tip #9 - Try more wines
Why - of course, everything comes with experience. When you've tried more wines, you will slowly start to differentiate one from another. 

Pago De Cirsus 'Vendimia Seleccionada' - Navarra, Spain

full body red wine
This full body red wine is made from the best low-yielding parcels, fermented partly in large oak casks and aged for 12 months in oak barrels. It's fruity, bold yet smooth, taste great with beef casseroles, roasted lamb or cheese platter.  

Cheese platter it is. 

cheese platter
Cheese Platter
Wine club

The great thing about Wine Talk is their guaranteed price and satisfaction. If you're not happy with the wine you received, they will change it for you. They also have wine delivery services available across Peninsular Malaysia. 

For more info, visit Wine Talk website or call 1300 88 97 88. 

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