Monday, June 16, 2014

What Happens When You Turn 24?

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A Year Older, A Little Wiser

This happens every year, regardless of how old you're turning because naturally, we're expected to be wiser just because we lived another year since our last birthday. Though, how much wiser can we be in just one year? It depends on how you lived your life within that period of time, since now you're considered an adult, your life choices are all in your hands. 

Same Time Next Year, You'll Be 25. 

Where did all the time go? You thought you had three more years to fool around. Oh yes, quarter-life crisis is as real as shit. 25 is a fairly important age, still young but significant. You at your peers, everyone is getting married, no pressure, just stating the fact. Then you look at yourself, probably dreading your job or too comfortable at your job that the idea of finding another job is dreadful. If you're happy, give yourself a pat on the back because you're a rare breed Gen-Y. Then you look at your finances, not much left because you probably YOLO-ed it all since the day you got your first paycheck. So budgeting will be tough since you've never done it before. 

In a nutshell, you're not exactly where you thought you'll be at 24. By now, you thought at least you might have been a step closer to your dream career/life. The good news is you have one more year to make up for it. Stop daydreaming and start acting. 

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The People That You Were Once Close With Are No Longer Your Friends

It's more common than you think. The older you get, the last thing you want to have is more drama. You're too old and tired for those games. You'll lose some close friends  because you both have just drifted apart, life happens so is nobody's fault while some you'll lose because you've just realise that you've taken enough shit from them. So start choosing your friends and eliminate those toxic ones for your happiness sake. 

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Hairstyle courtesy of Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

So What Happened When I Turned 24? 

Well, I quit my job because I KNOW THAT I DON'T WANT to stay in my comfort zone. I took A RISK to go freelance just so that I can TEST MY PASSION to see if it's truly what I really, really love to do for the rest of my life. I'd rather fail and discovered the unknown rather than following the familiar path and regrets it in my later life. 

My next step is to make more new friends because you'll never know how fun and interesting they can be when you don't initiate. 


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j_fish said...

What happens when you turn 24? In your case, it apparently is "become more gorgeous. XD

Happy (belated) birthday girl!

JQ LEEJQ said...

@jfish, hahahahaha! It's all MAKEUP! Thanks babe!!!

Jessying said...

Yalor as you turn 24, become more cantik... ciri-ciri kewanitaan lebih menyerah! Hahahahahaha...

Ashley Yeen said...

Ya, we both turns 24, really something different compared to last year, or last last year.... =.=