Thursday, June 19, 2014

#RoomerHasIt That I Was At Tune Hotel klia2 Pajama Party!

Girl sitting on the floor in her pajamas

There were food, drinks, games, performances and a whole lot of fun. Not bad for my first pajama party! A bunch of us were invited to enjoy a complimentary double room courtesy of  Tune Hotel klia2. Besides that, international journalist and bloggers from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan were also flown in by AirAsia and AirAsiaX. 

Front view of Tune Hotel klia2

Tune Hotel klia2 was launched on 9th May 2014. The hotel is directly connected to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) Terminal via a covered walkway and link bridge, allowing easy and more convenient access as well as to the Gateway@klia2 shopping mall. 

covered tunnel passage

Modern hotel entrance

Hotel Ambience

Other than its neighbouring convenience to and from the terminal, the hotel comes with a spacious lobby featuring a casual seating lounge with free wifi and an expansive open-air courtyard lounge, overlooked by a 24-hour restaurant and beverage centre. For further convenience, two AirAsia self check-in kiosks and klia2's flight information displays are prepared within the lobby for guest with further transportation or flight inquiries. 

modern hotel lobby

spacious hotel lobby

great hotel lobby view

hotel check in counter

easy hotel check-in

computers and time around the world

hotel decoration

Board games in hotel lobby

Spacious courtyard


The hotel has also transformed the guestroom experience into a modern-style accommodation featuring the all-new room design with a sleek writing table, luggage platform and a 32-inch flat screen LED TV, bringing about an improved, sophisticated but cool ambience throughout the 400 rooms of Tune Hotel klia2. 

Pictures from my double room
Hotel room number
Wave your key card at the bottom of the room number and push the door, HARD.

Hotel room power socket
Slot your key for power, as usual.

hotel room entrance
First look from the entrance.

small hotel room look
I wouldn't say it's spacious but it's just nice for two. There's no cupboard for your clothings, just open-air hangers and luggage holder at the bottom. 

Hotel bed and table
A simple table on the right and a sad small and short mirror on the left. You'll have to use the floor as your seat if you want to enjoy your vanity time. If not, just use the full wall mirror right outside the toilet. Below the mirror desk, there's a small safe box. 

small hotel toilet
Toilet entrance view.

small hotel toilet sink
Don't wish to put all your skincare and makeup on this sink space.

hotel amenities
The only hotel amenities you'll get. 
If you fail in the game Pictionary, I'm sorry I can't help you depict these products. 

Hotel shower
Decent shower.

Huge Hotel courtyard
Huge Courtyard. Beanbags excluded, I think.

Pajama Party!

Here's the inside scoop of  #RoomerHasIt by JQ Lee.
girl in holding a picture frame
First, you frame yourself.

temporary tattoos
Then you get inked.

Stalk YouTube sensation Elizabeth Tan.

two girls in a party
and grab a picture with her before she becomes any more famous.

a group of people in pajamas
Take pictures with bloggers from Indonesia and kids with pink teddy bears.

pajama party
More friends from the Indonesia. Well, ONE more.

Get photo-bombed by a hungry duck while your are snapping away with a kangaroo.

two guys in pajamas
Then help kangaroo pose with his ninja turtle friend.

girls in pajamas eating
Of course, is not an inside scoop without some sexy girls with sexy legs and lips, while holding on tightly to their chicken wings.

girls in pajamas party
More sexy legs and soft toys but this time, is a dinosaur fest playing human bingo. 

handsome male blogger
To balance it out, let's have a picture with my handsome male blogger friend.

handsome male blogger 2
and more handsome male blogger friend.

a group of people in a pajama party
and lastly, it's not complete without a group picture.

But first, let us take a selfie!

Goodie bag

Thanks Tune Hotels! I had a wonderful time!

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Carrie Anne Shuit Har Long said...

Room looks good enough for me :-D
Im not particular about rooms, as long as it is clean (THAT i'm particular! Always whip out a handy packet of Dettol wipes and wipe ALL surfaces that I might touch as soon as I check-in) and comes with a decent shower.
How much per room per night?