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MTV's Ex On The Beach - I'm Horrified.

eight hot single guys and girls
What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times? Well if only life was that simple, because just as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV bring in their exes to break up the party - one by one!
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I was approached to review this new series that's premiering in Malaysia this Sunday (8th June 2014) 10pm on MTV. I had no knowledge about the show (other than just an overall idea of it) but I skipped pilot and went straight to the last two episodes (because I was only given that, don't ask me why) I don't prefer it but whatever, I'll live. So, to give you a gist, here's why I think Ex On The Beach is one of the worst series I've ever watched. Trust me, I'm a huge series watch-er, so you'll want to know why I didn't liked it at all.

Is it because I skipped the pilot episode or it's just not interesting to begin with? 

Personally, I can proudly say that I've the skills to catch up movie and series plots quite easily. So you can just dump me in the middle of any story and I will be able to figure most of it out by the time it ends. Though, I still prefer to watch it from the beginning of the story because I like being in the know of everything and anything. Especially when it comes to series, it's such a long journey, I would like to build my "knowledge" and "involvement" along with the characters and the plot. So jumping straight to the end is definitely something that I will not do by choice.

I started with episode 7, where the eight main cast already know what's going on, a bunch of exes have appeared and tension in the house (yes, they all lived under one roof. Cliché much) is pretty much up to their necks. As much as I would love sit back, rub my hands with glee and enjoy all the drama (for the record, I do love dramas), I was just too busy trying to remember who's who because they all looked almost the same to me. Three words, BLOODY HOT GORGEOUS! Seriously, for some reason, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the show is stunning in their own social genre. So you can't really blame me for not being able to identify them when most of them have muscular bodies and perky boobs.

hot girl comes out from the sea
guy in red pants walks out from the sea

When I'm finally on track, everything was like a broken record. It was all about toying with people's emotions, breaking up, making up, cheating, lots and lots of kissing, and oh, the most important bit, was to wait for the next sexy, model-like ex to make their appearance by coming out of the beach in a Baywatch manner. This is a really good example of why hot hunks and babes are constantly being stereotype of being bitchy, egoistic and a player. Oh, and also a great stereotype example of the good-looking only get together with other good-looking people.

OMGosh, seriously, I understand that you hate your ex but playing the victim and make everyone alienate him or her is just disturbing. You don't want to have anything to do with your exes, great, just leave them alone. Don't even get me started on their other crazyness, they ALL have issues. If it wasn't because of this review, I would have just screw the finale and go to sleep. Plus, when it comes to review, I always try to stay positive, open-minded and not so judgy but I guess it didn't worked out so well.

Over recaps and flashbacks

As much as my first episode was episode 7, I find them rather draggy and lengthy when too much/long recaps and flashbacks were used. Instead of thanking on my knees for those additional scenes, I was slightly put off with the repeated flashbacks, particularly this one scene when two guys was exposing a guy's shaddy actions with another girl to his one-day-old ex-girlfriend that he was still sharing the same bed. Confused? Don't worry, you'll get over it. The point is, in between the exposé, the kissing and smooching scene keeps coming back and forth. I was like "Oh My Goodness, enough already, they kissed, I get it I get it!" 

Wait, let me get this straight. So what the hell happened between the both of you again? 

So, when a new ex appears, you are required to automatically think of the worst possible thing that he or she did to the ex because a lot of times, they just show how must the particular cast hated him or her without telling you the whole story of what actually happened between the both of them that it was so horrifying and traumatic. It was like none of them had a good, peaceful, mutual break up and apparently most of the exes joined the show just to win their exes back. So bloody messed up I tell you. The best part is hands down when the organisers just force two person to go on a date just to make the other person jealous. Tsk tsk tsk, so typical of them, this is what reality show is all about, the power to control people and create chaos.

champagne shower to girl
two girls and a guy sitting on the beach
A girl and a guy fighting

There was also this one part when the cast and the cast's ex previously got engaged from another reality TV show but broke the engagement off after the other show for god knows what reason. First of all, I most probably didn't know about the other reality tv show because it wasn't aired on the Asia's MTV channel. I only found out that they were previously from another reality TV show when I googled this series. So how would I know why is the cast freaking yelling at the ex, who also just crawled out from the sea looking smoking hot.

Am I watching The Walking Dead or a reality TV show?

MTV made Ex On The Beach looked as if it was super extremely horrifying. They portrayed exes as a very negative and bad person. As if all fail relationships ended badly and it's a must to keep pin-pointing and bad mouth your ex throughout the "holiday", making everyone feel what a A hole they are. Telling the whole world how traumatised they are thanks to their exes and everybody have to be on your side. Please, grow up. I can't even... argh *pulls hair*

In a nutshell

I love dramas. I love shows like Gossip Grls, Drop Dead Diva, Desperate Housewives, American Next Top Models, Hellcats and more. Shows where drama includes loads of fighting, manipulation and dating each other. The difference between those shows and Ex On The Beach is the storyline. It's obvious that this reality TV was produced purely to get the public excited about watching hunks and babes "compete" amongst each other for "love". If you like watching these kind of non-substance drama, you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, I believe some of you will pretty much watch it just for the gorgeous eye-candies. At the end of the day, it's just another show where you place everyone in a house and let the drama begins.

If you are interested to know what's all the drama about Ex On The Beach, catch the premier on 8th June 2014 (Sunday) 10pm. For more information, visit or check out their Facebook page at 


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LauraLeia said...

...Which is precisely the reason why I NEVER watch MTV series, and only stay on the channel for my K-pop MVs lololol. Love your review, JQ, it's so honest and funny! XD