Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crispi-i Fruit Snacks And Tea + Giveaway!

I've recently met up with people from Epilifestyle and was introduced to these amazingly delicious healthy fruit snacks. Now when I say healthy, I mean that these crunchy little things are vacuum dried, not fried like how the night market aunty sells them. That's why they are so fresh and naturally sweet thanks to the way these are being processed and packed. They are 100% real fruits with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial additives. It's truly just vacuum dried fruits!

Longan is filled with vitamin C and antioxidants that helps with anti-aging and the enhancement of our skin complexion. It also protect your body from free-radical damages and help reduce the risk of cancer development and heart disease.

We all know bananas are known as a 'SuperFood'. Not only it fuels us, it's great in maintaining regular bowel function, help regulate mood and relaxes the mind as well as aids in relieving menstrual pain and calming pregnant women. The potassium is essential to promote good blood circulation and delivers oxygen to the brain. Thus, it regulates heartbeat and reduces the occurrence of stroke. 

Pineapple is rich with vitamin C, B6, and high in fiber. It also contains bromelaine enzyme, an anti-inflammatory agent as well as aids digestion. 

I really do like all three variant, I can snack on them all the time. However, when I gave some to my sister and bf, they seem to have given me that weird face look. Clearly, they don't seem to fancy these as much, especially longan because they are so used to consuming longan in its original form or in dessert beverages. Thus, for them to experience dry longan was a little too sweet in a funny way for their liking. They were both most acceptable to the banana bites for the taste wasn't far off from the original fruit.

The other interesting factor of these snacks are the fact that the taste of the fruit varies according to season. So when the original fruits are sweeter on that particular season, your vacuum dried fruits will taste extra sweet that batch too. The fruit that will be effected most is the pineapple, sometimes you will have to expect a little more tangy taste in every bite.

Personally, I feel if you are used to the idea of healthy eating (which my bf and sister are not), you should have no problem with the taste of these crispy snacks. In fact, you will fall in love with it. It's super addictive. I had to consciously tell myself to stay away from them before I photographed them for this blog.

I do feel that the amount of fruit in one pack is quite little. Their explanation was that the bags contents are measured according to the proper amount of daily fruit serving an individual needs. Thus, it's more convenient for us to grab a bag out the door and snack while we are on the go without worrying if we are over eating it. Fine, they win. I can't fight with eating in moderation.

And then we have the tea. If you hate lemongrass, you can skip to the giveaway part at the bottom. If you don't know what lemongrass smells like, what is wrong with you? Lemongrass is a very strong herb but can be very delightful when it's used properly. Spas serves lemongrass tea a lot to their customers because they are an instant stress releaser. They provide a calming effect which helps in reducing high blood pressure. It also cleanses and detoxifies your body.

The crispy snacks cost RM7.90 each bag while the tea cost RM14.90 each box. I have to say that it will be quite difficult to find them because they only distributes to a few local pharmacies and organic shops. Should you be interested to purchase them, I highly suggest you to drop them a Facebook message on Epilifestyle Facebook page for inquires of the nearest store to you.

2x Epilifestyle Hampers to Giveaway!

Each hamper comes with 1 bag of longan, banana and pineapple each + 1 box of PureLemongrass tea.

Giveaway starts from 17th June (12pm) and ends on 30th June (11.59pm)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • There will be two (2) winners for this giveaway. (There's a mistake on the Rafflecopter app) Each will win one hamper. 
  • Winners are required to collect the prize(s) from me. I'm not able to mail these hampers. Sending representatives are allowed. 
  • Winners are to collect their hampers within a month from the winner announcement date or the prize(s) belongs to me. Just kidding but seriously, if it's not collected within a month, I will bless the hamper to other people because I don't want to keep it my room collecting dust. 
  • I may need a simple picture of the winner(s) with your hamper(s). I would like to email them to epilifestyle. 

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Arpita said...

Oh my God! These look so good and I think it's the first thing of its sort in Malaysia! Want want want!

Arpita Kaur Bajaj

Elie said...

Elie Lam was here! :D

P/S: Lemongrass is like the best of drinks to have. The smell of it is amazingly enticing!


choypengism said...

Lemon Grass...my fav!

choypengism said...

Lemon Grass, my fav!

choypengism said...


choypengism said...

Name: Yong Choy Peng
Email: choypengism@yahoo.com

bunnie reb said...

Name:Rebecca Ng

bunnie reb said...

Omg!!~~I really hope i can try this out & share it with my family especially my mom & my elder sister they really loves dried fruit snacks.Thank you so much for reviewing this good stuff JQ.

Name:Rebecca Ng

Jing said...

I would like to try out new stuff which this look pretty awesome! :)

Lim Jing Wei

Jing said...
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Mi-cha Ashikin said...

Hopefully I can win this giveaway :)

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shu said...

yummy ways to eat fruits :)

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Fiddlin' Dandi said...

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Carrie Anne Shuit Har Long said...

I've tried a few variants of the commercialised lemon grass drink (with pandan) and they tasted... @_@"

Somehow, can't seem to find something similar to what they serve at the spa / beauty salons.

Name: Carrie Anne Long
Email: carriedragongirl@yahoo.com

Aik said...

Never tried these before, but they look delicious!

Aik Chien
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