Monday, May 5, 2014

Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST [Review]

I've ever only tried Neutrogena's famous Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen and Deep Clean Blackhead daily scrub in my life. A few months back, I was introduced to a new product, Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST Gel SPF30 PA++. Obviously, this comes under the HYDRO BOOST skincare series which I'm relatively new to. 

Neutrogena was very generous to give us the whole set of HYDRO BOOST series which I knew that I can't use them all by myself, so I've actually giveaway some of them to my friends. Of course, since the gel is new, I have to keep that to myself for this review. 

Anyway, I've only really started using the Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST Gel SPF30PA++ about two months back because it only started to get hot around here in February or March. Now, is just crazy sunny and I think I might just need to take my sunscreen up another notch. 

I seriously wish this came in SPF50 PA+++ cause as the weather is getting crazier here in Malaysia, I fear for my skin a lot, all over my face and body.

Other than that, I am really enjoying this gel sunscreen because it's light but at the same time still feel very moisturising. I love how it's a light blue gel and not a white cream because it just makes application so much easier and having it in a pump makes me adore this even more, it's so hygienic and easy to travel with.

To talk more about the technical side of things, this latest addition to the HYDRO BOOST family combines both hydration and sun protection benefits in a bottle. It has that aqua scent that comes with most gel products, absorbs well without leaving skin feeling heavy but definitely has that light layer of sunscreen glow that I personally do fancy because I have dry skin. Key ingredients like purified Hyaluronic Acid offers exceptional hydration, while Olive Extract is proven to effectively rebuild skin's natural moisture shield.

It claims to provide over 400% of hydration to dry skin cells with the 12-hour Progressive Release System that actively releases moisture to dry skin cell throughout the day. It's clinically-proven to help women achieve the three most important dimensions of healthy skin - for a complexion that is hydrated, luminous and bouncy.

Apparently, with this, skin never runs out of moisture, even hours later, which I can't completely disagree. I'm not sure if it's this product or just the way I use them. I personally treated this as a sunscreen, which means that I still apply moisturiser (with no SPF) before having this on. I feel this combination works perfectly well for me. It doesn't break me out or cause much clogging.

Since it's only SPF30 PA++, I wouldn't recommend this for outdoor activities. Please use additional sunscreen with crazy high SPF should you find yourself going out and about on that particular day. For me, this is a great indoor protection against serious dehydration from air condition room and other environmental rays that's not directly from the sun.

Since I've also given away my other sleeping mask, I needed something to replace that. So I opened up this Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. What intrigued me was the gimmick description at the back of the box, it says that it's formulated with (also) "Progressive Release System" to continuously  provide essence equivalent to 10 mask throughout one night...... 

Did you read that right? Okay, let me repeat, blah blah blah... equivalent to 10 mask throughout one night. LOLS, Oh My Gosh, I just can't get enough of how that sentence sounds. I'm imagining myself stacking on 10 sheets of masks on my face... throughout the night, the only difference is, I won't be getting any sleep but hey, with this night concentrate, you'll get to sleep! 

I'm not super duper in love with this product, is just one of those that was just in the "Yeah, Okay" bunch. I only use this on and off, whenever I feel that I wanna switch things up. I like the green vitamin E beads in there which may help with a little skin firming and fine lines reduction. Most of the time when I used this after a toner, I slather on quite a generous amount to allow it being absorbed while I sleep. 


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Mieza Everdeen said...

i like the hydro boost gel coz it really gives my skin hydration throughout the day, and i agree with you that we'll need higher spf if we were to be outdoor most of the time. i should try the sleeping mask, mine is still unopened!