Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Spring/Summer Makeup Look at Mary Quant Workshop

It's a rare occasion for you to see my eyes filled with tons of colours. I was literally playing with colours and it didn't stop at eyeshadows, my lashes were painted too! Read on to find out more about my trip to Mary Quant's Workshop.

Mary Quant is a UK brand name but made specifically in Japan. They do have a fashion line too but so far, we only have the makeup range with us. 

Overall, their packaging is pretty simple black and white with a big daisy-looking logo embedded on every single thing. With so many products being laid out on the table, just like any other brand, there are a few hits and misses. My take, hits - their multi-coloured mascara is a must-try product and I like the idea of a fully customised colour palette. Misses - eyeshadows and blusher. I'll tell you more in a while. 

As I was saying, I like the idea of being able to fully control your choice of colours in a palette. It's never a bad thing because who doesn't want to bring their just what they need on a trip. What Mary Quant did was to sell the casing separately, I know most of us hate the idea of that but this is different because that one casing, you can choose to fit compact powder foundation, eyeshadows or blusher! They do come in different sizes, so far I've only seen 2 sizes. 

As you can see, their eyeshadows and blushers comes in a unique triangular shape with one smaller than the latter. So what I'm trying to say is that it's pretty cool to be able to choose if you want to fit four eyeshadows and two blushers in a palette or two eyeshadows and one blusher in one rectangular box, it's totally up to you. 

Now to the less fun part, I do like the variety of shades with some in matte finishing. Unfortunately, they lose out in pigmentation, for both powder eyeshadows and blusher. Unless you have fair skin like me, you really can't see much of what you've applied. I didn't have enough time to play with all of the shades because it was a workshop with 10 other girls, of course, I can't grab everything all to myself to try. So I can't tell if the colours, especially the lighter shades, are buildable or will even show up after applying a primer. 

Eye Opener Eyeshadows (RM49) and Blush Baby Blusher (RM75) 

I think Mary Quant has a sense of humour. Their product names are pretty cool. The two things that I didn't try are the Obedient Finish Liquid Foundation (RM135, 30g) and the Out Of Sight Concealer (RM89, 3g). Fun names uh!

 A demo from a Japanese makeup artist with model (Jen Er)

Hands on session where I start my impromptu tutorial too.

My before face photobombed by Pei Yi 

Two types of makeup base, pretty standard, nothing much to scream about but it's nice to know they have for two skin type. 

Oil Zap for oily skin (RM119, 20g)

Moisture Zap of dry skin (RM129, 30g)

Then I used the Eye Gloss (RM79, 8.5g) for under eyes where it claims to have treatment and foundation function in one. They only come in one shade that's a little too dark for me but whatever, it didn't really cover that well plus not as moisturising as I thought it would be, so why bother. 

I used the Smoo Make Powder Foundation (RM108, 10g) instead of the standard liquid foundation. It comes in eight shades, thank goodness, and it claims to incorporate ample moisture adhere to the skin. If you have nice skin and just need something to even up your skin tone, this is great. I think oily skin type people will really love this but not moisturising enough of dry skin peeps. 

Loose Finishing Face Powder (RM109, 27g), oh I do like this. I like how fine this powder is and I like how it has a sifter net instead of the usual holes, I hate knocking the product out of the container. It comes in four shades. 

I did my brows with the Brow Line Eyebrow Pencil (RM59). Comes in three shades and it's hard, full stop. I wished the pencil was a tad bit softer. Maybe cause it's new, I had a hard time softening it at the back of my hand. Maybe it's fine after you "break in". 

This is the palette that I used for my eyes and cheeks. I really do like the pink-coral blusher on the top right. Very natural and peachy on my skin. 

Yellow - inner top and bottom corners
Brown - outer top corners and lightly line my lids with it
Green - bottom outer corners
White - highlight and tear dots

For the Out Line Colour Pencil (RM59), it comes in multiple colour and serves as a multi-function product. You can choose to line your eyes, line your lips or even as an art pencil for your face. I used a red pencil to line my eyes and a black to tight line and water line my eyes to fill in those blanks. 

Dang, dang, dang! The mascara is one hot shot! Their Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara (RM109) is a must try. Why? Because first, look at how unique the wand is. It's slim and comes with a coil side and a chip brush side (short raised bristles). Secondly, it comes with an Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara elasticity for a sharp, long lashes. Thirdly, so many colours (seven to be precise) to choose from I almost died. It has an Anti-Colour Fading Effect and it's waterproof, so no smudging.

Top - Coil side
Middle - Intersection of Coil and Chip Brush
Bottom - Chip Brush (short raised bristles)
Method - Use the Coil side first (to coat each lash) then follow on with the Chip Brush (to separate the lashes)

Top lashes - 07 Lac Rose (Red) 
Bottom lashes - 03 Ivy Green (Green)

No makeup is complete without lipstick (RM108). Again, similar to the shadows, the lighter colours are sheer but this I know is buildable. I used the purple-lilac all over my lips and line it slightly with the red on the right. 

The final look

Hope you like this Spring/Summer look!

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 Thank you Mary Quant and MANOAH for the fantabulous workshop!

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Unknown said...

Your eyes are gorgeous, lady! So rare to see that hazel colour on a Malaysian - I'm very very jealous! Enjoyed reading this post, thank you!

Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

JQLeeJQ said...

@Tamsin, Awwww thank you so much for your support!

Unknown said...

Hi.. this is sooo random. But that facial slimming treatment you did last time. I read your old posts. Is the face still slim? I'm planning to get it done as well.

JQLeeJQ said...

Hi @Malani, not so much anymore. It wont stay slim forever, unless you maintain it by going back for more treatments. However, the treatment is mainly to activate your collagen cells again, not so much on the slimming. Slimming is due to the heat that burns some of your face fats. The same like body, if there're no maintenance, it will be back to square one.