Monday, May 19, 2014

Avon Instinct Eau de Parfum and Megan Fox!

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The new Avon Instinct is a seductive fragrance that unleash primal instincts, empowering you to embrace the powerful force of desire. It's wildly sensual and intoxicated with perfection. Made for confident and sultry women, this exotic scent is filled with fruity, floral and woody blend.

leopard prints, animal prints, zebra prints, makeup, instinct, Avon

I did this makeup for Avon's Instinct launch last month. There will be a separate blog post coming soon solely about this makeup look and more close up on the eyes. Keep an eye of it!

Perfume note details:

Sparkling Greens - A modern lush freshness which transports you to a secret garden where your senses are gently touched by dew drops and sunshine. 

Camellia ScentTrek - Layered petals unfold to reveal an alluring scent, evoking carnal feelings of temptation. 

Sensual Sandalwood - A creamy, exotic woody sensation with a comforting effect. 

instinct, Avon, Megan Fox

Representing Avon Instinct is the iconic beauty, Megan Fox whom is a perfect fit for the intensely exotic new scent. 

Avon Instinct, Perfume, fragrance, jungle, scent

Avon Instinct Eau de Parfum 50ml (RM99.00)
Available at Avon Beauty Boutique and Dealers.

For more info, visit or

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