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5 things you need to know before you buy contact lenses online.

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What will I do without you, MrLens.

I wrote an article about "The Danger of Coloured Contact Lenses" last year for a magazine and while I was doing research for that particular piece, I've read and learnt so much about cheap lenses selling on facebook and random stores in malls that aren't reliable. Thanks to Japanese and Korean influences, wearing big-eyed coloured contact lenses has became a fad to mostly teens and young adults. There's nothing wrong about following trends but it has to be done right, especially when we are dealing with our eyes. 

In this era, we buy almost everything online. Same goes to our contact lenses, it's very convenient to just order through the web and get it sent over to your doorstep. However, know that not all online contact lens sellers are created equal. Here're a few things you should keep in mind before you click check out from your inventory:

Know your power 

This is a no brainer, you have to know your exact eye powers (both eyes) before you can buy any contact lenses online. Maybe in the future they will create a software where they can check your eye powers by scanning your eyes through your webcam but at the moment, as far as I know, no website can do that. So go get your eyes checked at the nearest optician and get them to recommend you what contact lens power should you wear for both eyes. 

Research your sources

Found a cheap site you can buy your lenses? Great, now research, research, research! It's truly important to know how reliable the site is. Google and read other people reviews about the site. Stalk them on Facebook, find out what other's said and how well is their customer service. Cheapest doesn't equal to better, focus on value, where combination of quality products and professional services is involved. 

Read their terms and conditions

A trustworthy retail website usually comes with one of these. There's a reason why we're always told to read the T&C carefully before ordering any products from the site. By ordering anything from the site, you're considered to agreeing to be bound by those conditions. Learn about your rights, it's no harm to be aware of their cancellation and return policy. 

Payment methods

The world of e-commerce payment system is one tricky matter. Whether you're paying by credit, debit or online transaction, please make sure that their e-payment facilities are secure. Better stay safe before it's too late.  

Privacy policy

Naturally, you will need to share some of your personal data such as contact detail and mailing address when you order from the site. Thus, I'm sure you'll want to know that your personal information is safe with them. So search for a privacy policy page on their website and read up to learn what's their commitment when it comes to protecting your data.  

MrLens - A Reliable Source for Contact Lenses

Recently, I've been given the chance to try MrLens services. If you don't already know, MrLens is the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, and now they are doing impeccably well in Asia too. They are committed to provide you with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and a user friendly online interface. 

Their website is simple, clean and easy to navigate. Nothing complicated, all you've got to do is to click on the type of contact lens you want, browse on the brands to compare info, select your power, colour and quantity, add to cart to continue browsing or just check out! 

online contact lens reseller
MrLens Homepage

three month contact lenses
Choose to view the products in grid or list format.

contact lens power
Select your power (subject to availability)

contact lens colour
 Select the colour (subject to availability)

e-commerce check out page
Key in the quantity and click check out!

Manage your purchases through your cart and check out whenever you are ready.

You will receive a few emails from them regarding your order process, order status and also when your order has been shipped. This is great to keep you updated and aware about what's going on with your purchase. I ordered it on a Thursday and until now, I can't believe that it arrived the next day. Crazy power shipping. The package was in good condition, my lenses was packed in a plastic zipper bag with one casing and two candies.  

green and brown contact lenses
I'm going to have green and orange eyes for the next few months.The green is especially natural looking.

Girl with green contact lens

girl with green eyes

MrLens has definitely fulfilled my requirement. It's good to know that I can trust the lenses that they offer as well as providing fast delivery. So if you are looking for a good recommendation, you should try ordering your contact lenses from MrLens.

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Thanks The Butterfly Project for this review opportunity!

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JQLeeJQ said...

Hi @Raine, I think is the colourvue 3 tone in green :)

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looking real sweet and pretty ^^

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Hi, their lens are genuine nt fake one right?
coz feel like want to buy new lens from them.XD