Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette Review

I'm not so much of an eyeshadow person probably because I'm just plain lazy. However, I still get very excited into owning more and more eyeshadows, singles or palettes, come to mama. 

I own two of the Revlon Photoready palettes, 501 and 515. At first glance, they looked as if all shadows are shimmery with one super glittery pot of goodness. Though, when you swatch them, each have three finishes in a palette. Looking at the numbers at the back of the palette, here's as idea of what type of finishes you'll be getting.

(1) Primer - It feels slightly creamier than the rest of the shadows as it's meant to help keep your eyeshadows to stay on longer. Unfortunately, they are quite shimmery, I wish they were just matte cream base. 

(2) Lid colour - A smooth shimmery/matte shadow that's meant for the outer corner lid colour. 

(3) Crease colour - A smooth matte/shimmery shadow for the crease. 

(4) Highlight colour - A smooth shimmery shadow to highlight your brow bone and inner corners. 

(5) Optional glitter - A pot of beautiful chunky glitter for you to add on for that extra bling effect. This glitter itself can easily transform your eye look from day to night with one swipe. 

I personally love this palette, mostly because of the (5) gold glitter. It swatches absolutely beautiful! For some reason, I'm also liking this (1) salmon-gold base colour a lot. Gorgeous. In this palette, you can find a true matte sneaking out from what first look as if it was shimmery in the pot, I believe many will find this (2) matte brown extremely versatile. As for the other two shimmery shades are pretty common. 

If you ask me, I don't fancy this palette as much. Could be due to the (3) purple, it's not so much my colour. Of all, I can say I do like the (2) dark grey shimmery colour and the (1) cream coloured base. The (5) optional glitter is not as awesome here and the (4) highlight pink is so-so.

Overall, they are great shadow palettes. Pigmented and not chalky. I love the idea of having the super glitter option in the palette but not all palette comes with a pigmented glitter colour. Also, as much as having a sort of primer shade in the palette is cool, oily lids may not appreciate some of those gorgeous base colours as much. Personally, I just wish there were more matte colours because their matte are really not too bad. It's easy to find good shimmery eyeshadows in a palette but a good matte shade is hard to find in most affordable palettes. 


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