Saturday, April 12, 2014

CK One RED EDITION fragrance for men and women

perfume bottle red black and clear

Red-hot tension, seduction and desires. 
Introducing CK One RED EDITION.

Keeping your senses alive, CK introduces a new fragrance, One RED EDITION with separate bottles for men and women. 

The fragrance for men depicts a bold, vibrant and stimulating scent that're brought out from the invigorating red pear (top), rich suede (mid) and sensual vetiver (dry), giving an aromatic tonic woody wholesome to the cologne in a smoke-tinted glass with a jet black carton. 

The fragrance for women stimulates in a provocative and seductive way. It's surprisingly fresh with an additive fruity floral pairing of juicy watermelon (top), invigorating florals (mid) and velvety musks (dry). This powerful blend of unique yet energizing notes comes in a clean, clear glass bottle and a glossy red outer carton. 

Each comes with edt of 100ml at RM215 and a body wash of 200ml at RM75. 

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Bobby Jassos said...

he men’s cologne is reminiscent of rich woody and spicy scents that are both alluring and soothing. A hint of refreshing citrus keeps the cologne energetic, while the rich base notes keep the men’s fragrance warm and sexy. original branded cologne for men now are available in the market.