Sunday, April 27, 2014

Been There, Done That - Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet!

Crossing "ransacking through multiple bins of clothes within 15 minutes and bag them" off my unwritten list. I'm officially clothes buffet virgin no more! 

I got to the location about 10.20am, the first session is already in the zone hunting for clothes to keep. It was interesting to see that they had a big tv screen to show the time left on the clock during the buffet session. What I can't believe was that there are some people who will just take a big pile of anything before they pack. Seriously, even the record breaking 24 pieces champion can't help you with that.  

After checking out the war zone, a few of us when Aussino shopping as they were having up to 80% off in conjunction with the clothes buffet event. I got myself a set of quilt cover!

Hi Li Chuen, Hi Suresh!

Meet Amanda!

Before going in, I thought there were only 2 other people for the 11am session, little did I know, there were 6 (or more) other girls lining up behind me. HAHA!

I realised that I actually took my own sweet time looking through those bins. Lols, I think I hate the idea of being under pressure because there are limitations to these kinds of shopping. You can't take anything too thick, you can't take anything to big, you can't pack denim, and the list goes on. I didn't even go through all the bins, I had 6 items in hand when I got to my 3rd bin and that was it. I knew that was all the clothes I could pack into the bag. Lols. I'm such a loser, lack of competitive spirit in this case.

So I had 7 minutes to pack, Li Chuen and Suresh was shouting at me from outside of the zone telling me to roll my clothes. HAHAHAHA, what a funny sight from my eyes. They were hilarious I tell you, looked even more excited than me. 

By the time I was done packing, I had few more minutes to spare, I was posing for the camera and even had time to cheer for Jennifer while she was finding for her last piece. When time was up, she was holding one item on her hands, she looked at me and say "so what, I take this?". I was like "Yeah, take la!" in a hush tone. Almost got caught by the organiser but she managed to get it in the bag, she was having a little trouble zipping it but managed to keep everything in with four hands. Lols.

At the end of it, four of use took out all our stuff and compared "purchases". That was probably the best part  of all cause you get to see what nice things other's got and be jealous of it.

Once out, I was so lazy to pack it back into the bag. Below are all the 6 clothings I managed to grab.

Cardigan because I wear them a lot. 

Funky pants that didn't really fit me well after trying it at home. 

A dress that I wish I didn't get because my body shape just wasn't meant to wear this type of dresses.

Love this top, I remembered checking if all the studs was still intact before actually packing it. 

Two of the same dress in different colours because I have one similar at home that I love. So I knew they would fit me and be something that I will wear often. 

That wasn't it. We were lucky to still be there for the surprise blow out sale from 12-1pm where everything was RM10 each. The best time to pick out items that where to big or thick for that small plastic bag. 

I think of all people, Suresh deserves the most credit. Lols. He volunteered to be our photographer and our bags caretaker while we girls went shopping. Haha, he was like the typical guy sitting at a side waiting for all of us to be done. Thank you! 


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Carolyn Tay said...

Angeline got the grey dress! T___T Your session got so many nice stuff, whut -___-

Isabel Lee said...

That green cardi looks nice!

Jessying said...

Suresh is the sweetest boy ever! So nice of him.. hahahaha ... the sad part is when you compare your loot and you jealous at someone else one! Lucky no pulling hair etc over dresses ah

JQ LEEJQ said...

Carolyn, haha I think is just how we dig.

Isable, yes it is, it works for spring!

Jess, IKR, Suresh pass our girl group test. can follow us to more events now. hahaha! and nah, everyone was nice when they see each other's baju.