Monday, March 31, 2014

My SK-II thoughts after 3 months

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A quick recap for those who have just joined us in my journey with SK-II. I’ve been using the Pitera Essence Trial Kit since January 2014. This is my first time trying the much raved miracle water, so you can imagine how excited I was. A new year, a new me!

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My Pitera Essence Set kit comes with the Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Mask 1pc and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40ml. This set is an essential collection of three of SK-II’s bestsellers. You can find the exact kit on the SK-II website under the trial kit section.

The regimen and my first night with SK-II
For first timers, SK-II claims that you will be able to see a life-changing skin care experience. So I stuck to the regimen for a full 2-weeks, day and night, using the clarifying Clear Lotion as a toner and the Facial Treatment Essence for treatment, then I topped the regimen off with my favourite moisturiser.

In complete honesty, yes, I did see a great overnight result on my first night using it. I found that my pores were tightened and my skin felt slightly clearer the next morning. Even when I was using the two products alone without a moisturiser, my skin wasn’t screaming for hydration. It wasn’t drying and in fact, it actually healed the peeling skin under my nose caused by my morning sinus issue. I was using tissue to blow my nose almost every 5 minutes.

The regimen continued
After 14 days, my skin was significantly clearer and more radiant. I can tell just by looking at my nose after cleansing – it looks clean and reflects light. It was as if my skin surface had no rough edges at all, smooth as if I had just done a peeling treatment.

After 14 days, I decided to slow down on SK-II. I started to just use it only for the night, then moved on to using it only every other night. When February came, I used the product when I felt my skin needed a pampering session. This was probably about 1 to 2 times a week. I wanted to see how my skin coped without SK-II.

My skin took it quite well, with no major breakouts, nor did it go into rebellious mode. Of course, over time I felt that my skin started to get rough again and my pores become slightly more visible. Obviously, the radiant effect wears off after you stop using it consistently.

Let’s not forget the mask
The mask was good for an intensive boost. It’s very moisturising and packed with pitera goodness. The cutting of the mask was perfect for my face and I massaged the excess liquid onto my neck. I think this is perfect for using the night before any special occasion because it immediately plumps up your face, making your skin look brighter and more radiant.

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My future SK-II journey
I’m almost coming to the end to my first 75ml bottle of miracle water. I am most satisfied with the results. Despite the hefty price, I know it works for my skin. This means that I’ll be keeping my eyes on the lookout for any SK-II sale or a worthy gift set to pamper myself.

Thanks for following my skin care journey these past three months. Here’s to beautiful skin!
You can visit the SK-II website or Facebook page to find out more.


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