Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eyes, Lips and my Hair.

girl with natural makeup look

If you don't know already, I'm a very, very minimal makeup and hair person. I love to own tons of makeup but if you see me in person, I don't wear them a lot. Is not because I don't want to play with them, I'm just rushing most of the time and I'm too lazy to wake up 5am in the morning to get ready. Trust me, I'd love to doll up everyday with my hair curled but I need my sleep so I can last the day through work and social life. 

I understand fully why some people say is hard to juggle work and blogging. I used to think that it's easy when I was in varsity, especially when I though being in a similar field should allow me to cut a few corners. Unfortunately, that's not the case. 

Because I'm so passionate at my work (Beauty & Fashion writing), I'm so determined to make sure (or at least try) all my pages turn out well. Monday to Friday, non-stop scheduling, events, shoot, write, checking, interview and etc. When it comes to the weekends, I hide in my room to work on my blog and youtube which includes taking pictures, videos, editing and writing. I don't want to be anti-social but most of the time I pray for a clear weekend schedule just so that I can focus on this, and sleep. 

Being an on-the-go working lady, I need a quick solution to a fresh face. Here's are my three trusty products that never fail me for that instant "I'm Ready!" look. 

#1 Maybelline Lashionista Mascara

This is so underrated. I'm curious why is this not being massively marketing and raved everywhere. It is such a great mascara, well at least for people with medium to long lashes. This reminds me of my Majolica Majorca King Lash mascara where you can find tons of fibres it a small tube. See those fury-looking stuff sticking out in the picture below, those are the good stuff that makes your lashes sexy. With the curved brush head, it helps to push and lift the lashed up and stay that way. Most fibre mascara comes with a dry formula so you won't find them weighing your lashes down. 

#2 Maybelline Lip Polish 

I think it is so much sexier if they called this Elixir in Malaysia. I wonder why they'd even bother to change the name to Lip Polish. Whatever it is, it's an epic product. So glossy, pigmented and moisturising just as they claimed. Plus, you can build it up or tone it down as much as you want, super versatile.  

If you don't know, purple or lilac is coming back in trend this season. It's Spring, pastel colours are the talk of the town now. It takes a little effort to glide this baby on for that extra precision but it's so good that it's worth your extra attention. 

It tints your lips a little, so you lips won't look completely bare after eating or drinking, thumbs up for that! 

#3 Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner

I bought this by mistake while I was eyeing on the dry shampoo. I almost gone ballistic when I found out I picked up the wrong bottle. Then my friend Yukiko told me that it's good, so I decided to give it a try. Lols, true appreciation for this cannister only came after the forth try. Been spraying this every morning just to keep my hair tamed from the wash without conditioner the night before. Again, I was rushing for bed, thus the no conditioner part. The smell of the product is pleasant, more reason to like this thing.

Unfortunately, the nozzle hates me. It ticks me off to know that I still have at least 1/6 of product left in the bottle but I can't use it because of that beautiful broken nozzle. Bah, I need to move on.

What's your on-the-go product?


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j_fish said...

Lashionista works just like any other mascara for me. The 4mm boast is.. just a boast when it comes to my lashes. =/