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Coffee Pairing with Mike Yung at Pacific Coffee Company

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Have you ever had that ultimate experience of enjoying the perfect cup of coffee? Well, Pacific Coffee Company brought in Mike Yung to introduce to us three new sets of coffee to pair it with three different desserts for that ultimate kick of a cuppa. 

Mike Yung, a Canadian, went to University of Britsh Columbia for a Bachelor of Arts degree. He's the 2007 Canadian National Barista Championships Champion and now the Coffee Ambassador for Pacific Coffee Company. If you were there with me to hear how he speaks about coffee, you can hear his passion for these luscious black beverage. 

Watch the journey here!

The three pairings are: 

Sumatra + Tiramisu
From the well-known Indonesian island, the Sumatran blend has a fascinating complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma which is derived from the highlands of the tropical forest and the surrounding area of Lake Toba. The smooth texture and flavours from the Tiramisu with walnut, releases earthy flavours to enhance the Sumatran coffee, making it the right complement for each other. 

Costa Rica + American Baked Cheesecake
Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful tropical landscape and fine coffee. Full bodies with a pungent characteristic, coupled with maple syrup and herbal notes, this coffee exhibits the typical sweet taste and bold richness. Pairing it with the American Baked Cheesecake brings out a refreshing taste from the coffee bean and rich flavours from the cake. 

Ethiopian Mocha + Blueberry Cheesecake
This coffee is rich in taste with notes of leather, wood, earth and nuances of berry fruit. It's a dry-processed coffee which produced a heavy-bodied coffee with exceedingly low acidity. The pairing with a rich Blueberry Cheesecake forms a unique fruity fragrance. 

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