Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blindfold Dining with Living Social

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Funny thing, I was somewhat dressed for the location. The Elizabeth's Blind Date Blindfold Dining with Living Social held in one of the most decorated with Chinese cultured place I have ever seen The Grand Shanghai in Setiawalk is built based on the original mid 30's streets of Shanghai, decorated with wax figures, antique cars and trishaws. We were also provided with a complimentary return trip to and from the dining venue, provided by Uber Malaysia.

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The dinner itself took part at the Elizabeth Fine Dine, a western restaurant that stood out from all the Chinese-y you see from the surroundings. The restaurant opened in 2013 and exudes a lavish, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of how Queen Elizabeth would dine. We were led into the restaurant, seated and enjoy a 6-course dinner, all with no sense of sight. 

We had no clue about our dishes which came as part of the challenge. The first dish was the toughest to eat because that's where I was figuring out how this works. I was laughing all the way through my first dish because the idea of not being able to see what I was eating was extremely frustrating yet funny at the same time. I became an expert as I got to my fourth dish, I've learned to imagine my surrounding and measure the distance of each items with my arms. Understanding the skill to maneuver around using the edges of the table was a masterpiece.

12 Tips while Eating Blindfolded

  1. Measure the size of your plate or bowl once they arrive, so you'll know how much space you have to play with your food.
  2. Check the temperature of the food by touching the exterior of the plate or bowl, so you'll know what you're eating is hot, cold or room temperature. 
  3. Sniff your food give you some idea on the dish you are eating. 
  4. Knocking on your food will help to figure out if they are shells, vegetables or meat.
  5. Roughly measure the size of your food with your cutleries, so you'll know roughly how much food is on the plate. 
  6. Cut your food. Just because you're blindfolded doesn't mean you should just poke into anything and put into your mouth. Trust me, you will get sauces all over your face. At least try to cut them on the plate. 
  7. Imagining the food shape and size with help make your dining a much pleasant experience.
  8. Leave a corner of your plate for all the unwanted parts. Pretty much like a rubbish bin corner. 
  9. Move your cutleries around the plate to figure out if you have finished your food. 
  10. Use the corners of the table to get to your beverage or to pass something to your partner.
  11. Keep talking to someone so you won't fall asleep in-between meals. When everything is dark, you will have the tendency to get drowsy. I was sleepy after the second dish itself. 
  12. If all fails, just use your hands. 

It was definitely an experience if you have not tried dining in the dark. The blindfold wasn't uncomfortable, that reasons why I got so sleepy half way through the meal. I don't really recommend you to go alone for this, it's best to get a good friend to tag along because this will be an experience that it's best to share with someone close to you. This deal don't come often, so if you are really interested, keep an eye on LivingSocial's page. 


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It sounds interesting and funny yet kinda weird and awkward at the same time, lol!