Thursday, February 27, 2014

ZA True White Essence Lotion (Review)

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ZA is launching their new True White Essence Lotion in March, so I thought this would probably be the best time to review them for you just to give you a gist of what to expect from the product itself. 

The idea of the essence was to accompany the other products in the already available True White range. My personal experience with ZA was only with the hydrating range and it wasn't bad.

It was truly creative of them to sell this product as a 3in1 essence because women these days are just too busy or tired to sit in front of the mirror after a long day just to apply three different types of treatment products when we already have cleansing, toning and moisturising to think about. Of course, adding one step is way better than adding three additional steps into the chore-like bedtime routine. 

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This lotion is a luxuriously rich, multi-functional whitening essence lotion with an aim to provide moisturised translucent skin. The 3in1 includes being a lotion + essence + emulsion, all in one bottle. The other key ingredients are whitening 4MSK, double vitamin C, SPA ingredients, white lily extract and my personal fav, the pearl extract.

I've always had something towards products that comes with pearl extract because I like to assume that they're extremely luxurious as pearl powders have a long history in the traditional Chinese medicinal uses. They're known for anti-ageing and brightening skin effect. With the additional selling point of having SPA ingredients in the product, it made the scent very calming and relaxing. Smelling it made me visualise a countryside cottage with a calm river flowing at a side.

They made the tip in a way that you can have full control of the amount of product that you want on a cotton pad. The texture and the consistency definitely feels more like an emulsion rather than a lotion or an essence. It's not too runny but yet has a slight thickness to it. It absorbs easily into the skin whether you are using your hands or a cotton to apply. 

For a counter brand that cost RM54.90 for 150ml, it's not too shabby. Suitable for those who are not interested in spending so much money on skincare but yet want that similar luxurious feel to it.

*product was given for review, not paid*

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HitoMi Ng said...

I would be more keen to know the ingredients list.

Miss Ika said...

Nice review :D