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Quantum Energy - A New Solution to Wellness, Slimming & Beauty.

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Some time ago, I was invited to attend a workshop learning all about the science behind quantum energy. Thanks to the medical revolution of the 21st century, it's found that quantum energy is able to repair and revitalise the cells of the human body, enhancing its natural self-healing ability to cure as well as prevent against diseases. 

Of course, with a bunch of other beautiful bloggers.

The older model of the Quantum Energy Machine

This state-of-the-art machine was designed and developed using advanced modern technology and acient medical knowledge. It's capable to accurately detect anomalies in quantum frequencies in the human body and automatically injecting quantum waves into our body to tune the unhealthy frequencies back to their optimum state, enhancing health and restoring well being. It also stimulates the self-healing and self-repairing abilities of the human body, helping to restore beauty to the body naturally and safely.

The upgraded version of the Quantum Energy Machine

I'm not going into 'Qi' therapy because I've never tried it, thus I can't judge how great it's or if it works or not. If I ever did get the chance to try them, I will definitely keep you all updated on that. As for now, I will go a little more in depth on the skincare collection that I received from them. 

Skincare set

To start of, it's claim that the Quantum Energy Skincare Collection is the first in the world to have their products infused with quantum energy. Invented in Korea, it's formulated using 6 advanced skincare technologies and priceless natural ingredients. All products in the collection are designed to nourish, optimise and repair the skin from deep within, awakening its life energy and allowing it to regain its youth and beauty.

Bubble cleanser
Q.E. Nano Multi-Action Cleanser

Claims to be a makeup remover + deep cleansing + exfoliating + energy enhancement, all in one bottle. Unfortunately, I'm not a believer. With a full face makeup, it's not going to work, even if you double cleanse. You'll end up with clogged pores after a month, don't take the risk, removing makeup with a proper makeup remover is not rocket science. 

However, what I like about this cleanser is the amount of bubbles it can make, it leathers really well! It's encourage to use the leather as a bubble mask as step 2 of cleansing, leaving it on the face for 1 minute before rinsing. I assume this can help the penetration of the unique quantum energy formula that supplies bio-energy to the skin. 

Water moisturiser
Q.E. Nano Noblesse Water Drops Cream 24-hour moisturising

I've started using this about a month a go as my day time moisturiser and I'm quite liking it so far. First of all, the packaging looks amaze-ball. Looking fit for a 'quin', haha, get it? 

They claim to be a 24-hour moisturiser but seriously, I can't justify that outrageous claim because I've never have it on for more than 12 hours. Its says to refine pores, soften skin, possess strong antioxidant power and provides oxygen to the skin. I really like how this feels on my skin and I love the idea of massaging the almost white gel and have it exudes visible water droplets for better absorption. It feels really nice on the skin and gives a good amount of moisture to keep my skin looking supple. I know this type of product is very famous in Korea but this is my first encounter, so clearly I'm getting all excited about my new discovery. 

Eye cream
Q.E. Nano Noblesse Eye Serum

I'm extremely grateful that they gave us an eye cream because eyes are the windows to your soul. Taking care of your under eyes are vital. This claims to be able to improves the skin and reduces wrinkles with life science (whatever that means), moisturises the skin, lightens dark circles and relieve puffiness. It also suppose to promote cell regeneration, enhance skin immunity and firming. I have not tried this yet, thus can't say much about it. 

Sunblock cream
Q.E. Nano Sunblock Cream SPF40 PA+++

It claims to be sunblock + concealer + whitener + moisturiser + energiser. Again, I'm no believer in more than 3-in-1 products, or at least not yet, we're not that advanced yet. To me, BB cream is a tinted moisturiser that gives a light to medium coverage. It may be able to cover some spots but definitely not as effective as a true concealer. Whitening yes, just look at the demo below, clearly half of her look much fairer now. I wish it's in SPF50 just because I'm greedy like that. 

Overall, it was an interesting workshop. Learning about new technologies are always a peach, I love adding new beauty knowledge to my brain. If you're interested to know more, visit

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