Friday, February 28, 2014

January Bag of Love

beauty bag

I'm sure you've already known what's in the January Bag of Love and I've already seen what's in February BOL, they have some pretty fun stuff, find their teaser post on their FB page. Here's a recap and some review of a few stuff that I've tried from January BOL. 

Full size product that I'm giving away to my good friend.

This is so unfortunately small. Two usage and it's gone. Scratch that, two usage of the shampoo and it's gone but I parted with the treatment on the first use itself. It was just too puny. On the other hand, the shampoo lathered well and the treatment leaves my hair feeling so smooth and healthy.

I think these oils were the babies that I was most excited about because I've always love to find new creams/lotions/oils that can be massaged onto my body. Especially my legs, I'm constantly in search of ways to keep them away from cellulite while making sure that it stays firm and silky. These oils all smell slightly different from each other but yet have the same type of Bali massage smell if you know what I mean. Not everybody fancy these kind of scents. The oil is not for massaging because it absorbs super quick thus you have to work fast. I use it at night before I sleep, the next morning you will need to shower cause it will have that thin layer of oil lingering on the skin which will be super uncomfortable if you have a hot, sunny and humid day weather like Malaysia.  

I've only tried the Wonder Pore Freshner and they are ree-freshing! It's a nice, cooling toner that is great especially after a clay or deep cleansing mask session. It suppose to help tighten your pores and reduce the appearance of them. 

Currently in my stash of mask. May not be trying this anytime soon. 

Mr. Lens voucher is so worth it cause I buy contact lenses and I've passes Strip voucher to my friend. Sharing is caring. 

Good quality recycle bag, so useful for shopping.

Are you ready of February Bag Of Love?


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