Thursday, February 6, 2014

Drench your palette with Gold by MAGNUM!

ice cream
Magnum Parfait Ice-Cream with Gold Powder and Magnum Gold Lava Cake

MAGNUM ice cream have been tickling your taste buds for over 40 years in Malaysia now and the luxury chocolate ice-cream connoisseurs prides itself in bringing you the most premium dessert in every bite and crackle of delicious Belgian Chocolate.

Magnum symbol of pleasure and luxury
Speech by Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head, Unilever (M) holdings Sdn Bhd

This time, MAGNUM Ice-cream brings its years of expertise to a Golden standard by infusing Gold into Belgian chocolate. In a show of continuous pursuit of sensational chocolaty experience, MAGNUM hosted a gourmet dessert experience at Nathalie Gourmet Studio, making everyone to make our own Gold Lava Cake and Parfait Ice-Cream with Gold Powder. 

OOT(Chef)D: Limited edition Magnum apron!

An exclusive Dessert Experience: Award winning Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille shared the premium and uniqueness of golden Belgian Chocolate Dessert and creating their two golden infused Belgian chocolate desserts, the Parfait Ice-Cream and the Gold Lava cake

Girls baking
Hands-on in making the batter for Lave Cake with Gold Leaves.

Once filled the batter in, top it off with a piece of Gold Leave. Making sure the Gold Leave transferred properly into the mold was the hardest task to complete. It gets stuck to your fingers, fly everywhere and tears like a fragile wet tissue.

It's rising, it's rising! It didn't take long.

Chef Nathalie taught us about making the Parfait Ice-Cream gold chocolate ring before adding the ice-cream in it.

Here's how to make the gold chocolate ring.

Wipe the clear plastic with tissue to create static so that the gold powder will stick to the plastic. Brush on the gold powder, as much as you want, then layer a pile chunk of tempered chocolate and spread it out thinly over the plastic. Pick up the plastic carefully and make a circle to fit the metal ring.


Then you fill the ice-cream mixture in to the chocolate ring.

The final touch to the harden Parfait Ice-cream.


They Golden Dessert Trio! –  A brand that dedicated and passionate towards their creations and consumers – Mr Shawn Tan & Ms Yu Li Yein together with Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille

girl baking
I can make Gold desserts now!

"It is no easy feat to cook with gold and make it look gorgeous at the same time, and in most cases you need to leave it to the professionals," says Chef Nathalie. However, this is the one exception that proves the rule; Magnum gave their fans the opportunity to experience the preparation of Luxurious desserts with a pleasurable taste so they could understand that Magnum GOLD is As Good As Gold.

Meet The Golden Dessert Alchemy!  
World finest desserts experts graduated in an afternoon of golden dessert class.

Stay tuned for more great things from 
Magnum GOLD Ice-Cream, As Good As Gold. 

men shirt worn by girl
Oversized belt from Times Square
Faded pleather tights from GM Klang
Jeffrey Campbell inspired from Agape Boutique


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