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An Encounter With A Taiwanese Company.

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Our passion of skincare and cosmetic just made us clicked! is a Taiwanese online beauty website where you can find mainly brands such as Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer for purchase. Their service was fast and front liners were friendly throughout the entire email conversation. Since they are a Taiwan based company, do expect their website to have grammatical errors or some words used improperly in a certain sentence. They are in the midst of improving their english site.

Here are some of the products I've picked out to try from their website. Also, stay till the end to find out more about my International Giveaway!  

Ferrmina Du Du Mouth Lip Balm

Similar to a chubby stick and a tinted lip balm, these came out surprisingly pigmented and moisturising. Doesn't last very long on the lips but most moisturising balms don't either. I love mixing them together to get the gradient lip look that have been trending off the hook recently thanks to k-pop.

Reacheer Lip Gloss in Orange

I swear the colour is not as dirty orange as it is in the picture below. It's a beautiful light orange that gives a gorgeous innocent, coral glossy tint to the the lips. 

Reacheer Trio Eyeshadow

In green

Green matches my eye very well. I love green eyeshadows because it brings out the colour of my eyes. It came out more pigmented than I've expected but if you use a brush, expect tons of fall outs. For some reason, they are super powdery. I highly recommend using your fingers to apply and then use a brush to blend the colours on the lids. 

Lips painted ever so slightly with red dudu mouth lip balm.

In Brown

Similarly to the green, the colours are greatly pigmented and shimmery. Highly recommend to apply with fingers and blend it with a brush on the lids. Oh, I forgot to mention that their mini sponge applicator sucks. You really don't need them. 

Coral and red dudu mouth lip balm all the way.

Here's the makeup tutorial. 

Reacheer Slim Mascara Lash in Black.

Love this mascara only after I bend the brush and wipe the excess mascara off the brush before application. These kind of brushes love giving their users a spidery lashes that I don't like but some of you do. So my trick into always getting a flawless separate lashes is to wipe the mascara brush before applying on my lashes. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, it's not waterproof. 

Reacheer Duo Blush in pink and orange

This reminds me of Silky Girl duo blush but way more powdery. Just look at the amount of mess I made with just 3 swipes. I recommend to use a bigger brush because the provided brush is too small for the cheeks but keep them because it's great to use it as a 'blending brush' for your eyeshadow if you don't own any blending brushes. Please tap off any excess before applying on the cheeks with these products. There's a little shimmer to each blusher. 

In conclusion, I'm bias towards the Reacheer products because they were the ones that looked most professional to me with a clean and simple packaging. Each product have its own pros and cons, you just need to know how to work with it to get the best result in them.

Check out to browse more products!

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Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow nice giveaway hope to win :D
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Unknown said...

Name:Rebecca Ng
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Thank you for having this giveaway JQ Lee!Have a great weekend! =D

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- Steffi - said...

Name: Steffi Rebecca Anthony
Email: Twitter username: @kikosaurus Instagram username: @playgroundempress
I'm from Damansara Utama! =)

bendan said...

Ah~ great! See something cute here! Attracted but the BB Creams (first I tot are handcreams) and cheek stain!

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Looks like a nice products!

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