Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What we did at Jessying x China Glaze Sparkling Soiree!

Girl on stairway with balloon
Dress by Belmode.com

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A beautiful day to gather and play with nail polish. I'm glad to be invited by JessYing  to her Sparkling Soiree with China Glaze! 

I was there earlier with Evelyn and we helped with the balloon décor behind us. To be honest, the place, Cameo Beauty Parlor is pretty as it is already. Don't really need much decorations. We just kepo and get the pink balloons up because it was the theme colour. Clearly, I'm colour blind for the day because I'm in blue. 

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China Glaze was there to introduce us their pretty colours and sparkling polishes that made me go 'Oh My Gosh' at all the glitter polishes. So pretty. 

They also introduced to us their famous nail filer made out of glass (top picture in blue) and the unique 2-way cuticle care tool, the pusher and cutter (bottom picture in yellow). I find the glass nail filer very intriguing and do quite like the way it feels when I tried to shape my nails. It's not as rough as other nail filers do. 

Top coat

Seche Clear is the base coat while Seche Vite is the top coat. Well, I have to agree that Seche Vite made quite and impression to everyone around the world. Every beauty guru seem to be loving it very much due to its fast drying property. 

Did you know China Glaze has its own app that can help you select matching nail colours to your clothes? Well they do, just take a picture of your shirt and boom, a selection of China Glaze colour appears. No need to crack your brain liao. 

During the event, we were thought how to do Ombre nails! Screams! So damn interesting because I've always seen it on youtube but I've never gotten the chance to actually try them. It was an extremely messy experience because you have to get it all over your skin but I can safely say that I've mastered the art of nail ombre, using my right hand to do my left fingers. The other way around I can't. Not as easy as say, dab dab dab also takes freaking skill for crying out loud. 

blue and indigo and glitter

A look around Cameo Beauty Parlor.

Big Thanks to Jess, China Glaze, Cameo and Bakin'licious for making this event possible!

Jessying FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jessying
China Glaze Malaysia FB: https://www.facebook.com/chinaglazemy
Cameo Beauty Parlor FB: https://www.facebook.com/CameoBeautyParlor.KL
For the delicious butter cookies: Bakin'licious FB


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