Saturday, January 11, 2014

This New Year, I'm starting with a Crystal Clear Skin.

crystal clear skin

I can now scratch "Try SK-II" off my bucket list.

I had a great start for 2014, giving myself the best gift of all, crystal clear skin...

Okay fine, it sounded cheesy but honestly, who doesn't want crystal clear skin. I'm sure most beauty fanatics are very much keen to try this product at least once in their life. 

My very first set that I got was the SK-II Festive Pitera Essence Set that comes with Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, 1 piece of Facial Treatment Mask. This set worth RM219 and last I check (last Friday) it's still available in most SK-II counters. The packaging my change when the festive season is over. 

I think this set is perfect for those first-timer like me, just to test it out to see how well it really work if you are planning to cave in after many years of resisting the ideology of crystal clear skin. We all know SK-II main best seller is the Facial Treatment Essence but what most first-timers don't know is that in Malaysia, they come in 3 sizes which is still considered full-sized bottles, smallest being the 75ml (great for travelling) and 2 other bigger sizes for home use. 

I've started using this the Clear Lotion and Pitera Essence exactly on the 1st January 2014, not only just because it's nice to have a fresh start but also easier for me to calculate the duration for me to empty this bottle.

As said, I was at the SK-II counter in Pavilion last Friday to analyse my skin with the also seen-famous-on-youtube machine "Magic Ring" to calculate my skin age, mainly to compare the before and after using this product for hopefully 3 months. I will blog about it in another post later this month to reveal what they say about my current skin. Stay tuned.

Bareface Alert!
No filters, no spots editing!

Here's how I use my SK-II

Girl holding towel
Start with a clean face, duh.
One of my new year resolution is to stop wiping but start patting the towel gently to dry my face.

I pour about 20cent coin size of Facial Treatment Clear Lotion on a cotton pad and swipe all over my face with an upward motion. 

I only got the 30ml sample size. I've watched beauty guru "RAEview" said in one of her videos (Must Have Acne-Fighting Products!), she used only this for 2 months without any other products just to bring everything back to a balance for her skin, resulting her t-zone becomes less oily and pores are much more refined. 

Everything in Japanese, watashi don't understand.

Then, follow up with the fun part, the Facial Treatment Essence. 
*a beam of stage light shines on the bottle*

Containing more than 90% Pitera, this miracle water helps maintain skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. It also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturized.

Girl pouring skincare on cotton pad

I've checked with the SK-II consultant, she said that the correct way of using it is to pour at least 50cents coin size on to the cotton to see results in the skin. Again, I swipe it all over my face with an upward motion for maximum absorption. 

girl applying skincare on face

Focusing on my forehead cause that is where most of my clogged pores are.

and I work into my hair line because I do get blackheads and pimples there too.

Finally, go down on to your neck and decollete. Never forget this part cause neck is one obvious place to tell if you are old or not.

I've used that much only after 4 days.

My personal view: 

Yes, it's expensive. However, I did see immediate result after the first day. My pores refined overnight, I'm not kidding. Skin started to clear up after few days of using it and I hope it will fully clear my skin up after 14 days as it claims. I have another blogger friend tried and said the same thing, you can see overnight results with this. Now you know why so many love this product dearly. So far, only 1 night I skipped this routine to apply sleeping mask. 

I believe other than it being expensive, the other down side is the amount you have to use on every application. The old Malaysian 50cents coin size is a lot, you can see in the picture above that I've down about an inch only after 4 days. According to the consultant at the counter, she said that 75ml Pitera Essence will only last you about 20 days. Thus, being known as one of the most luxurious beauty products in the world. 

I have dry skin and my first night using only these 2 products left my skin a bit dry but not tightening. It was much better the next few days. I have been using this alone for 4 days until I visited the counter and realized that I'm supposed to apply moisturizer after the essence to moisturize the skin. Then I realized that its called an 'essence' of a reason. Lols, I'm such a bimbo. 

Stay tuned to catch my second SK-II series where I'll share with you my experience with the "MAGIC RING"


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Mieza Everdeen said...

I just read Sabrina's post about the same set. Really cant wait to see the results on your skin :)

Unknown said...

True. Me myself is dying to try this product. :) It's so good when you get good result after trying expensive products. I got a friend who spent over RM700 on a certain Korean skincare brand but got disappointing result.
Will be looking forward to your post on the Magic Ring as I don't wanna walk in there and be a total clueless about the test. :D

jannatul12 said...

Nice review. your skin is so glowing!!
btw What's on your nails? looks pretty♥

jannatul12 said...

Nice review. your skin is so glowing!!
btw What's on your nails? looks pretty♥

Alicia.L (Ally) said...

Your skin really looks crystal clear! So wanted to try it out but again it's an expensive product to up-keep for me T_T

cindy said...

ooo seem pretty expensive!! but yeah it give result so that explain why the sky high pricing!

Arpita said...

Great review! I can't wait to see/read about the end result after you've used up the bottle.

JQLeeJQ said...

Hey all, thanks for your comment. Here's to answer a few questions.

1. I'm glad to see so many tried and saw immediate results too. It really works, just unfortunate that it's quite pricey. I guess everything comes with a price. I recommend not using it every day or night if you feel is a waste to use them everyday. Probably only apply them every other day or when days you feel your skin is being rebellious and you need to tame them.

As for my nails, I had Sally hansen Commander in Chic and Nicole by OPI glitter and gumdrops polishes on. :)

Stay Tuned for more!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently on this SK II challenge as well :)

Hopefully it will make our skin better :)

Btw, I'm Elrica :)