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How to get Pretty Nails & Win 2 bottles of Sally Hansen & Nicole by OPI Nail Polish? Or do you prefer to win a Grand Prize worth RM550?!

glitter polish

Are you attracted just by looking at those glittery Selena Gomez collection? Well, stay tuned because you may just be lucky enough to win not one but TWO nail polishes from Nicole by OPI or Sally Hansen of your choice!

colourful nail polishes

I was at a workshop a couple of weeks back, learning about the easy steps of DIY nail art. I love painting my face and I love painting my nails but I was not blessed with creativity. So let's see how the pro does it:

Step 1: Apply cuticle remover gel/oil to soften the cuticle
Product used: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Step 2: Gently push cuticles back
If you don't plan to invest in a metal cuticle pushes (even though I highly encourage it), you can just buy the cheaper wooden cuticle pusher. Reminder, you will need to change the wooden sticks often.

Step 3: File and Buff your nails
File them to the shape of your choice and buff your nails not only to smooth out uneven ridges but also, buffing helps provide health benefits such as stimulating blood circulation for healthy nail growth. 
Bet you didn't know that, did you!
But please don't buff too often or vigorously, buff them about once a month will do.

Step 4: Base Coat/Treatment
Product used: Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener

Step 5: Paint your nails and add some BLING-BLING!
Any mistakes, just use remover to fix it :) No need special pen like the pros.

Step 6: Let them dry, completely!
Product used: a cheap china fan that is meant for cooling down your laptop. They just plug into a power bank, GENIUS! I have one at home too. Lols.

Product used: 
a good mix of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection and Gumdrops Collection. 

Then, everybody tried their best to copy.

Here're some of my creations...

After everyone is happy playing with the polishes, GROUP PICTURE!

After the workshop, I was given a choice to select a couple of polishes from each range. I was craving over the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Glitter polishes and Gumdrops collections but I can only select 3. So, I went to Watson and bought 3 more to satisfy myself.

Of course, I'm keeping the receipt because I'm planning to join the Love4Nails Nail Art Contest for a chance to win a weekly prize worth RM100 and the Grand Prize worth RM550. I will explain more further down.

I bought (left to right) Sweet Dreams, A-Nise Treat and Inner Sparkle.

Above are some of the other Sally Hansen nail polishes I already own.
(left to right) Commander in Chic, So Much Fawn, Ruby Sequin and Sun Kissed.

Here's a nail art tutorial that I've learnt from the workshop!

Using nail polishes above and a missing base treatment coat.

Step 1: Apply Sally Hansen Miracle Cure treatment as base coat to all nails.

Step 2: Using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic as the base nail color. 2 coats is sufficient and let them dry. 

The Complete Salon Manicure is great because it comes with 7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle. It has base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip-resistant and gel shine finish! 

Step 3: where the art begins. Using the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops in A-Nise Treat leaves a rough, sandy, matte black glitter finish on the nails. 

Textured matte nails have become a trend recently and everybody loves them! Not only it looks super cool on the nails, it's easy-peasy to apply and extremely fast drying. Only downside, removal is a pain in the ass. Thus, I suggest to use good, strong removers such as the Sally Hansen Extra Strength and Extra Fast remover that comes with Vitamin E to promote healthy nails. 

Step 4: Use 'Em Chucky Glitters!

Yes I had a hard time with getting them all in one place too! Well, the trick is to remove as much liquid from the brush and quickly DAB, DAB, DAB, DAB, DAB, DAB, DAB... on the same spot you wish to built it up. It can be tough to dig out the amount of big glitter flakes but with practice, YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!

Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection in Sweet Dreams

I focused it on the tip of the nail. 

While the other design, I just simply apply 2 layers of the glitter polish on with no precision at all.

Step 5: Protect with a top coat.

I am crazily in love with this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. The bomb diggity fo shizzle! Although, it doesn't give that super glossy effect, it dries quickly and will help your colors to last all week without chipping. 

I don't apply them on the matte sandy polishes because they are long lasting by itself and you don't want to ruin the whole purpose of it being a matte polish. Thus, I only apply on those nails with regular and glitter polish. 

My current polish remover :D 
They've changed the packaging of the bottle, same shape but different design.

Love4Nails Nail Art Contest!

SHOW OFF YOUR NAIL ART AND WIN RM100 worth of Nicole by OPI prizes every week and a Grand Prize worth RM550!

Step 1: Purchase Nicole by OPI and/or Sally Hansen nail colours during the contest period
Step 2: Keep your receipt as proof of purchase
Step 3: LIKE the Nicole by OPI FB page 
Step 4: Post your nail art photo on Nicole by OPI FB page
Step 5: Share it on your own FB page & tag at least 3 friends

*T&C applies. For more information, please visit Nicole by OPI Facebook or Sally Hansen Facebook

JQ's Giveaway!

TWO LUCKY READERS will walk away with 
2 nail polishes from Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI each!
(1 Sally Hansen Extreme Wear and 1 Nicole by OPI)
Choices as below:

(left to right) 
Cinna-man Of My Dreams
Pacific Blue
Kissed At Midnight
Confetti Fun
Celeb City

How to win? 
  1. Follow my blog - Find the follower's button on the right sidebar
  2. Follow my Twitter -
  3. Follow my Instagram - @JQLEEJQ
  4. Re-tweet this twitter post -
  5. Comment down below with your Name, email, HP, and name your 2 choice of polishes. 

Contest ends 9th January 2014

*Giveaway courtesy of Sally Hansen & Nicole by OPI*
*Thanks to MANOAH Community*

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倩倩 said...

lee yi chian
-confetti fun
-celeb city

LauraLeia said...

I can never say no to nail polish, haha!

Laura Lee
Email: Laura1990my [at]
- Gunmetal
- Pacific Blue

(Don't think it's a good idea to put HP number where everybody can see it, lol)

Von said...

Yvone Tan

Confetti Fun & Celeb City
(Agree on Laura's comment about the phone number :) )

May aNG said...

Ang Mee Leng
Pacific Blue
Kissed At Midnight


chingsootheng said...

Name: Soo Theng
My 2 choice of polishes: Cinna-man Of My Dreams & Confetti Fun

Thank you!

janice yeap said...

Name: Janice Yeap
HP: 016-4817279

-Confetti Fun

Thank you JQ! :D

Yuh Jiun said...

Name: Ng Yuh Jiun
HP: 0173280908
Choices: Kissed at Midnight & China-man Of my dreams

Mee Mee said...

Name: Szu Mee
Choice: Kissed A Midnight, Confetti Fun

Like your creation!

Mee Mee said...

Name: Szu Mee
Choice: Kissed A Midnight, Confetti Fun

Love your creation!

Abigail Cheah said...

Abigail Cheah
Confetti Fun, Pacific Blue

Abigail Cheah said...

Abigail Cheah
Confetti Fun, Pacific Blue

Mee Mee said...

Anyone won this?