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Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System [Review]

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Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System is a revolutionary cleansing device that I feel is inspired by the Clarisonic. It claims that this 2 speed rotating brush delivers up to 4 times better cleansing than normal hand washed face. It helps to clear away dirt and makeup to deliver an advanced cleansing experience to reduce pores clogging issues. 

It claims that this helps with anti-ageing but I truly don't know how this works for that because unless you use this together with their sample size Skin Renewal Cleanser (20ml) that comes along with the brush, it doesn't make any sense to me. All I know with this, it will definitely change the way you feel about traditional cleansing completely. 

Whether you have an oily or dry skin type, a brush cleanser is necessary in this era because most of us wear makeup everyday. Especially if you are wearing face makeup such as BB creams, primers, foundations and etc, you will need a good deep cleansing system because no matter how great your face makeup is, it will still clog your pores one way or another. 

The Skin Renewal Cleanser has tiny beads and acts like a gentle scrub, it doubles up fairly well with the brush but I personally prefers to use it with my own cleanser my cleanser comes with a cooling effect. 

I only use this at night on days where I wear face makeup or just on days I feel my skin needs a deep cleanse before mask. I focus heavily on my forehead, nose, chin and my hairline, basically places where I get most clogged pores. Oh, also I let it run through my lips gently for mild lip exfoliation to get that smooth, kissable lips! I feel the 2x speed is a bit too fast and harsh for my skin, so I use the x1 speed while gently going across my face in circular motion. Yes, I do my neck too when I'm free. Then I'll just plug the head out for rinsing. 

The brush heads clings firmly onto the device, no one time I ever felt it was coming off. It uses 2AA batteries (included in the pack) that will last you quite a lot of face washes before the batteries die on you. Plus, AA batteries are easily accessible everywhere. It was a bit tough to open the battery compartment but its also good to ensure no water enters to spoil the whole thing. 

My only concern is that usually with brushes, we are encouraged to change the heads every 3 months. I'm not too sure if Olay sells the brush heads separately because I don't think I want to buy the whole set again every time the brush goes ugly. Something to ponder on.

Update: Thanks you one of my reader, Arpita, Olay do sell the heads separately. 2 for RM29+. Check it out!

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Arpita said...

I'm loving this system as well! I use it once a day in the evenings and it has done wonders for the small problems my skin has. Olay does sell separate brush heads at 2 for RM29+ which is extremely decent!

Mieza Everdeen said...

i've been using this system since early 2013 (bought from UK through a friend) and my skin is liking it! after a month of daily usage, i found that i only need to use it once every three days or when i had heavy makeup on. yeah there are separate brush heads sold like Arpita mentioned :) i'm grateful now that it's sold here, hehe!

JQLeeJQ said...

Aripta, Thanks for the heads up on the separate brush heads! I've quote you on my blog :D

Mieza, awesome to know other ladies like it too!

Myra said...

I really wanna get the Clarisonic brush but it's so expensive! So I guess I'm going to get this instead. Haha :D Attacks those pores!! LOL
Have a great weekend, Mira.

Unknown said...

Interesting! Have you tried Clarisonic ones before? Do you mind making a comparison if you did? :) Oh yes, where can we get it?

Unknown said...

my sister has one and she keep showing off to me , LOL, and i see great improvement in her skin

Josarine said...

Have you tried the Clarisonic? Which is better?

JQLeeJQ said...

Hey all, nope, I have not tried the Clarisonic but I don't think this is comparable to that because clarisonic have many different types or versions that can be purchased according to your skin types. This only has 1 type. Thus, of course this won't be as good as that.