Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Olay AquAction Softening Sleeping Mask [Review]

sleeping mask

Need more "pump-pump" bouncy skin?
It's time for the sleeping mask to do its wonders!

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Lazy bums, busy body, wonder woman, gold diggers, this is a product suitable for all. Invest in a good sleeping is a great addition to your mask collection because this is easier, faster and no waiting time.

Imagine this, you were dragged to join some crap party/gathering that you probably should have said no in the first place because you knew it's going to be a tiring day. When you reach home after the night out, you just want to dive into a deep sleep. Here's a solution to cheat on your skincare routine.

All you have to make sure is that you have cleanse your face thoroughly, then apply toner. Wait, scratch that, let's screw toner too and straight apply a thin layer of this blue transparent jelly mask all over your face and you're good go into wonderland dreams. Wake up the next day to cleanse skin as usual.

This thick jelly consistency is amazing, like a good meringue, sticks to the container well. This sleeping mask provides intensive hydration all night. Its intensive water-bonding formula, works at the golden time of skin treatment because during the course of sleeping is the best time for skin to recover from damages, pollution or stress. Not only it helps to moisturize skin and increase its water content, but also effectively control skin oils to as chive water-oil balance and bouncy hydration. 

If you're not a big fan of heavy scented products, Olay in general, is not for you cause most Olay products, do have their signature Olay scent. I have no problem with it. 

Girl applying skincare

If you think the more generous you are with your sleeping mask the better the results, you are so wrong. Applying too much may just clog your pores and stain your pillow. Also, never apply more than 1 type of sleeping mask on the same area in one night. 

When I wake up the next day, the mask is no where to be seen. It felt as if it absorbed into my skin, you can see a slight difference in the hydration department. Only during morning cleanse, I will feel the mask layer that needs to be cleanse. 

simple sweet Asian girl

It's available in all leading pharmacies at a recommended price of RM79.90 for 130g.

*product was given for review, not paid* xo, 

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1 comment:

Nuraini Munira J. said...

you're so right! I always find myself so lazy to do the night routine on those days that I spent the whole time in uni and being tired and all I just wash my face and put this on and go to dreamland. Great review! I'm so gonna try this in the store later. Thanks for sharing! :D
xx, Mira