Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to treat damage hair?

Girls playing jenga

I was with 3 lovely ladies playing Jenga and for the first time, we're instructed to build them rather than taking the blocks down. Just like our hair, a weak strand comes with plenty of holes, due to the loss of keratin, that needs to be patch up to make it stronger. With Dove Intense Repair range, it's doing just that. 

 As female, we tie and style our hair often and in the attempt of looking our best, we end up overlooking the daily damage we put our tresses through. All the brushing, combing, blowing, drying and exposure to UV rays, take quite a toll on women's hair. In short, hair damage is essentially unavoidable.

With Dove's breakthrough patented Keratin Repair Actives, the winning formulation helps to reconstruct hair by strengthening it at its core as it penetrates into hair fibre to stabilise proteins inside each hair fibre for internal repair.

Additionally, this new range also contains the new Microsheets Technology that coats hair for visible smoothness and shine. These Microsheets are evenly deposited to help detangle hair so they can be easily combed through almost instantly.

I don't have the best hair neither do I have the worst hair.I have my own hair issues. For starters, it falls and tangles like crazy. I'm also guilty for not brushing my hair because I have crazy tangled hair after every wash. Even with conditioner, I still find my hair hard to managed. Thus, my excuse for not combing my hair. 

After about 2 weeks of using this shampoo and conditioner, I can say that my hair is much easier to comb through now because of the smoothness that the shampoo and conditioner leaves. Also, I realise with Dove products, the very noticeable scent lingers on my hair forever. My hair still falls but it might have a slight improvement. 

This new Intense Repair range comes with shampoo, conditioner, daily treatment conditioner, overnight treatment, treatment mask and all day repair cream. All these price ranges from RM4.90 to RM22.90 and is available almost everywhere. 

In line with this, Dove has come up with the I'm Dove Girl contest, encouraging women to show off their best hair flicks with soft, smooth and damage free hair. To enter the contest, just submit five photographs of your original and most creative hair flicks and write a slogan on why you think you should be a Dove Girl. The winner will get a one-year contract as a Dove Girl and RM10,000 cash prize.

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