Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cerro Qreen Makeup Brushes [Review]

makeup brushes

Sorry, the brushes are a little dirty cause I started using them already.

Based in the US, Cerro Qreen have been producing makeup brushes that helps simplify the way we girls do our makeup. Beauty junkies may love to own more than one brush set but as beginners in makeup, you really only need the basics. Face, eyes, lips and brows!

This Blue Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set are made out of Fibre Wool and comes with 7 pieces of makeup brush. Each of them are sturdy yet so soft to touch. While the brush handle is made out of rod, the faux blue leather will look absolutely gorgeous in any makeup/travel bag. For me, I love how it look sitting pretty on my vanity table.

white brushes

(Above Left to Right) 
Spooly - Can be use to separate your lashes after mascara or to prep your brows
Small Angle Brush - Can be use to fill in the brows or use it to draw eye liner
Tiny Sculpted Tip Brush - Mainly known to be use as lip brush but you can also use it to line the eyes
Eyeshadow Brushes - Small, Medium and Large
Big Fluffy Brush - Mainly use as powder brush but I tend to use it more as a blush brush

The brushes are super soft, thus it didn't felt harsh on my skin at all. My only issue is that it doesn't pick up colour as well with certain cosmetics that I have and I'm not too sure why. I will have to build it up as I go. Though, some cosmetics worked well with these adorable brushes. You'll just have to play around with it to figure it out what works and what don't. 

Find them herebrought to you by NATTA COSME.

*Product was given for review, not paid*

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Von said...

The baby blue color made the brushes looked so cute!