Monday, January 20, 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things...

A couple of things that I've been loving.

Soft Toy
#1: Jack Jack and my graduation bear

The only soft toys I sleep with.

Jack Jack was from my boyfriend because he was laying aimlessly in his room. It has been on my bed for the longest time. I can't even remember when I started adopting him. I can't get rid of him, who can resist his cuteness. Everytime I see him I can't stop laughing. Such a cute little baby. 

A good bunch of friends that I met during my foundation years bought me a bear for my Graduation Day :D I truly appreciate it thus it has been on my bed ever since. 

#2: Coasters

Clearly looking at the colours and design, I'm still in my Christmas mood. I got 4 of the Christmas coasters from IPC last year and I recently have one on my study table and one on my bedside table. I mostly use them for cold drinks so that it don't leave cup rings on my desk. While the 2 glass "Sweet Love" coasters I got from a wedding I've recently attended and one is currently on my study table for my plastic water bottle. Lols. 

#3 Measuring Tape

It was hand down by my sister who works in a pharmaceutical industry. I've dug this bear out because of it's measuring tape tail. It was in my bag for a while when I was redecorating my room. I will pull and pull the tail and then press the red button at the butt area to suck all the tape back into the body. :D #Pleasure

#4 Nail Wraps

Three words: Bloody Long Lasting. 

I was super surprise because I'm only a believer of Sally Hansen's Salon Effect Real Nail Polish Strips until I tried this. They are stiffer than SH's Nail Polish Strips, feels more like a sticker but way easier to use and no worries about letting it out for too long because it doesn't dries up like the SH Nail Strips. The only issue is that these stickers wrinkles after applying a cheaper top coat on. You have to use a good quality top coat on this. I'm not too sure why. They did state in their website that some top coat brands are not compatible with their nail warps. 

Their designs are crazy thus I only suggest using them when short nails because it looks cooler that way. Also, for my small nails, one strip works well for two nails. 

It comes with a 2 sided filer. Blue rough, pink smoother.

I don't think it's available in Malaysia yet cause my boss gave it to me. It's from Singapore and I think you may be able to get it online. 

#5 New Stand

Love this table to bits! I got this from Mr.DIY shop for only RM39 and it's been my lazy side table for the pass few days. If you feel your living room coffee table is too far away, this is for you. If you feel your laptop is too far away from your bed, this is for you. If you ever need a table for product shoots, this is for you! 

It's not the most stable thing you can have but it works. Just have to be careful with it. I'm so glad I have it. 

What's your favourite things?

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