Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 things I will tell my 17-year-old self.

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As we get older, we get wiser. Well, not everybody but majority will because we learn from experiences. Things that matter to you when you were younger may not be as important now, our priority changes as time goes on. The reason I'm writing this is because a good friend of mine said that my blog can use a little more me, as in a little more about my personal life. She's right because as I scroll through this blog, all I see are product, product, product, events, product, lazy post, event, product... I find it lack of character and originality, heck, I can't even find myself in there. 

Since writing is apart of my life, why not spice things up.  So here's to more about me.

I was flipping through my old, gigantic book diary last month after spotting it during my "Clean House" session. Just so you know, I had a diary since I was 15 or younger. It was not because I was a loner or anything, it's a place for me to let go, scream, shout or smile, all in writing. Works very well, kept me super sane till now. However, the younger me seem to have a whole lot spelling errors that cracks me up and shakes my head every time I see a mistake. I can't even spell 'confident' for crying out loud, how embarrassing. 

That's not even the worst part, I can't believe I let such minor things affect me so deeply as a teen. I find myself bloody annoying and rather creepy at times. I kept repeating 'Oh dear, this is stupid, I can't go on reading, I need to stop reading this crap.' but I made it till the end anyway because there's just too much juicy details to reminisce. 

I know our past is what makes us who we are now but if I can turn back time and give a couple advise to myself, here's what I'll say:

1. Stop giving a shit about what everyone thinks about you.

I mean, seriously, unless you're a close friend, my family or my teacher, what that person think is not important.

2. Best-Friends-Forever is bullshit. (most of the time)

Be nice to everybody but pick your friends. I had a couple of great friends in my teens but there were those unpleasant ones too. Stay close to those who encourage you while kick the ones that are dragging you down aside.

3. Have a long, decent conversation with the opposite sex. 

Ugh, for goodness sake, I have no idea why was I so shy to talk to guys. This is what happens when you were thrown into an all girl school. Did you know that it's so easy to maintain a relationship with a straight guy friend, most of them are pretty chill if you can't catch up with them even after a long period of time. I love my girl friends and I love hanging out with them but you have to admit that it's quite true when they say every girl should have a GBF (Guy Best Friend).

4. Grades are not everything...

5. But you could have put a little more effort in your studies.

I'm not the brightest in the family, I guess I just gave up when I knew I couldn't never beat my older sibling's grades in High School. I should have known better that whatever results I'm getting, is for me and not for my parents.

6. Stop trying to find your way into the popular group.

Is like a hot dog into a keyhole, it will never fit.

7. And when you stop trying to fit in, start embracing yourself.

Even if you're a wallflower, who cares?! Your success in life is not in the confinement of your school.

8. Appreciate your tuition classes more.

Trust me, you should pay more attention in class and absorb in as much knowledge as you can so that is worth every penny that your daddy paid. Money don't come easy honey.

9. Just because he has a license and a car to drive around doesn't make him cool.

Your father can do that too and you can always count on him to pick you up anywhere you are in the world. Who's cooler now?

10. Finally, start saving!

Can you imagine if you saved 50 cents a day, how much money I will have to put into my savings right now? Something is better than nothing.

What about you? If you can give your younger self advice, what would that be?


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Mieza Everdeen said...

I agree with all your points, been through all of it, seriously. Number 9 really touches my heart though, it's true. Dad can always go pick us up wherever we are, even it is 3 hours late he'll still be there for us and worried sick of our safety :')