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Olay AquAction Long Lasting Hydration Gel [Review]

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Our skin is like a "leaky bucket", it constantly loses moisture to its surroundings, even during the times when we are doing absolutely nothing at home. We can lose about 2 glasses of water a day by just normal breathing and evaporation from our skin. Imagine how much moisture we lose just by doing our daily routines. 

Besides that, skin fatigue is another key cause of moisture loss. Skin fatigue is the loss of skin energy, which leads to many unwanted changes in one's skin, including a loss of skin's ability to hold on to moisture that causes the "leaky bucket" skin to worsen as a result. To keep skin hydrated and bouncy like a baby's bottom, the products we use need to address not one but both causes of skin moisture loss. 

Product knowledge:

The new Olay AquAction claims to be able to do that thanks to the new HydraLock technology powered by two ingredients - WSK and Niacinamide. 

This technology is inspired by the legendary beauty of Yang Guifei, a 8th century royal consort whose beauty was so great that it's said it drove the emperor to distraction. WSK is an ingredient from the white jelly leaf - which was featured prominently in her skincare regimen - has shown to outperform our famous hyaluronic acid by 3x better in its ability to hold water. 

Niacinamide helps address skin fatigue caused by inadequate dietary systems and everyday stressors. The ingredient help brings the skin energy level of aged cells back to life. Over time, it gives skin the energy to renew itself, and make components that enable skin to hold onto its own moisture more effectively. 

With these two ingredients together, your skin cells should be well-hydrated and attain a full, rounded shape, giving skin a firm and elastic touch. That's when you've achieved "pump-pump bouncy skin"!

My views:

I've been using it for about a month plus now and this is definitely going to be my fastest emptied product ever. The best part is, I don't know why because I can't justify this to be the nicest product I've used nor it's right for be to say it's the worst. It just worked fine. 

For starters, every Olay product comes with a distinctive Olay scent and it can be overpowering to some people. I personally have no issues with it, in fact, I find it rather calming and relaxing. Adding on to the pleasant scent, the gel texture gives a cooling sensation on my skin which I absolutely adore.  

However, I do find it lingering on my skin a little longer before it's fully absorbed into the skin. It might be a hassle for some as it's not exactly the "on-the-go" product but I took advantage of it by giving my skin the "face-lifting" or "detox" facial massage. Not only I get to stare at myself a little longer (narcissist much), but also help to improve my face blood circulation and to prevent skin from sagging in a long run. It's all about what you do now to keep your future self from regretting. 

Below is not the most interesting video to watch but it's a tip. There're many tutorials and instructions on facial massage, so start researching!

As mentioned before, this seemed to be the fastest product I've ever used to hit bottom. It's only been a month plus and I'm already 3/4 down on this 50g pot full of gel. I'm not too sure what happened. It could be due to it being a gel product, thus I need a little more for my prune-felt skin. Come to think of it, I think I used this very generously. Some might say that it's the reason why it linger on my skin which I disagree because if I were to use less, my skin will start to cry. Trust me, I've tried.

That aside, I don't feel that it made a huge difference on my skin, it's just another nice product to serve my skin as maintenance.

Available in all leading pharmacies since November 2013 at a retail price of RM59.90 for 50g.

*Product was given to try, not paid*

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Unknown said...

Well, me too actually just finished a 50g moisturiser within 2 months and mine too is in gel-like form. I did try too to use it less than usual, thinking it's gel, that it spreads more evenly like my serum, but no. It doesn't work that way I guess.

I just got samples for this and thinking to try them out. Hopefully it won't break me out. Thanks for the review! :D

Arpita said...

Any thoughts on how this might compare to Origins' Make a Difference hydration gel?

JQLeeJQ said...

@Munira,I think it wont break you out but just try it.

@arpita, I didn't have the chance to try the Origins Make a Difference hydration gel thus I can't give a comparison. :)