Friday, December 13, 2013

Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze!

Load up on adrenaline and rev your engines because there's clues to follow and challenges to conquer. At the end of the day, you won't have to wonder who's got the widest and fastest network for sure. 

Last Sunday, I had my arms and legs sore all thanks to the Maxis 4G Blogger Blaze. We were required to complete tasks all around KL and Klang Valley with the help of the latest Maxis 4G LTE. 

Before going into my journey, meet my awesome teammate in the picture above. This is part of why I love team challenges because I get to meet new bloggers and make new friends. Want to know if there's any drama within the group? Go on reading...

For starters, I was late for registration at Piazza, The Curve and when the team Barracuda finally found their last teammate (ME), wondering around the registration area like a lost kid with big cars and tons of balloons around, they gather and run me through what's the basic rules and regulation and etc. 

Things that's provided for the challenge: 
  1. Samsung phone + Maxis LTE 4G 
  2. Paper passport 
  3. A car

Please follow the rules...

We were strongly reminded by the emcee again that this is not "Need For Speed" on the road. Is about speed when doing the task, time only matters there. So even if you get back first with all task completed, you may not be the winner. We can only use the phone provided for all task except calling out. 

Get ready, Set, GO!

Task 1 was pure luck, there were tons of balloons with QR codes but only few that leads you to your next location. Scanning QR code don't seem that fun no more. I remembering our team have to run back and forth for about 3 to 4 rounds before getting it! 

Once gotten the location, go to the counter to claim your car. 

In our Proton Preve, we delegated jobs to everyone. Yup, I literally switch on the radio while John, our team leader Waze the next location with the phone to guide our experience driver SaiMatKong and KathyJem, well,was found lurking around the snacks provided in the car. Lols. 

Waze-ing for MadMonkey Climbing Gym was a breeze, it only took few seconds for it to say "Let's Go". Even when we took a wrong turning, re-routing took only 2 seconds. That's how fast the internet worked, no hassle!

So we drove all the way to Wangsa Maju to find ourselves stuck with rock climbing. Climb up, take flag, climb down, go back up and put back the flag. I saw the score sheets at the end, I don't know how some team get it done in less that 2 minutes. Giler speed. Ours was about 5 minutes to complete the challenge. 

We were also asked to upload the video we took of us onto google+, 5 minutes video only took 30 seconds to upload. Pretty cool. Imagine how many Instagram pictures selfies I can put up in 1 minute.

Then we drove ourselves to Sunway Lagoon. For the next task, we were asked to download the app "Car Racing" and I kid you not, the app complete download even before you can say "BaZingGa!". Unfortunately, we didn't pick the right car thus our speed in the game sucked big time. =_=

Our next task is something we can't lose, need for speed in GoKart! The guys were driving while the girls sit back and relax. 

This final task was the most annoying one, we were forced to eat a big chunk on watermelon. =_= Some people are damn smart, they use their heads to bang the watermelon flat before digging their face in. Literally, BANG THEIR HEADS ON THE WATERMELON! 

We were then gathered in Laundry for the prize giving ceremony. 

First Runner-up wins Ipad Mini and a Maxis 4G LTE Broadband each. 

Champions bring home Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Maxis 4G LTE Broadband each.

Group Photo!

It was really a fun filled day!
After that day, I was in love with 4G I literally upgraded my Maxis 3G broadband to 4G! The package was so worth it, 5gb peak time with 15gb off peak at RM68 monthly. I'm a writer and I travel to events around Klang Valley all the time, thus a high speed internet with good coverage is a must. Extremely happy with it so far. :)  

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