Friday, December 20, 2013

Elite by Dashing | Grooming Workshop for Men

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When my work required me to start writing about guys grooming and fashion stuff, I was on my knees when this invitation came into my email. This is my very first men's grooming workshop, where I learn how to style men's hair. The best part is that I get to learn it from the best, Bambang Soteto, owner of Hairkunst and President of Bumiputera Hairdressing Association (BUHA). 

Bambang Soteto

This 31 years old hairstylist have done many Fashion Shows and Hair Shows since 2005. He was also invited by many medias to guest star on TVs and to be featured on magazines. 

I have to admit the workshop with him was rather insightful. I've managed to picked up quick a number of tips not only on men's grooming but also generally for hair. 

3 types of scalp: 

How to identify? Use an oil paper blotter. 
Oily: See clear stains on blotter after 2-3 hours of washing. 
Normal: See clear stains on blotter after 10-15 hours of washing (generally after a whole day)
Dry: Only see stains after more than 24 hours. 

Washing suggestions: 
Oily: At least 1, recommended 2 times a day. 
Normal: 1 time a day.
Dry: Every other day (depends on scalp) 

Hair washing is important to remove the extra oils and dirt laying on the scalp, if it's not scrubbed off gently but properly, it will cause clogging of the hair follicles which eventually causes hair loss and reduction. Every follicle should produce at least 2-3 hair strands.  

Elite Edgy EFX is great because it's water based product. Not only it is safer for the scalp but also it is easy to be re-styled. Plus it has a wide variety of wax, mud, clay, fiber and even gel types to choose that suits your hair type and length best. 

The key point in working with men's hair is to rub the product between your palms, apply it all over the roots then only start styling with the ends of the hair according to the style that you want. 

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