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Christmas Gift Guide 2013 | Senka Perfect Cleansing Set!

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Celebrating your radiance this Season’s Greetings

Want to have a holly, jolly good time this festive season? Go all out partying while SENKA here provide you a fun, fast and hassle-free after-party skincare! True to its values to fulfil the needs of a busy and beauty-conscious woman.

I feel you because I myself find removing makeup a pain but we’re forced to or else it will clog our pores. SENKA is a good overall face cleansing range that will help clean and leave your skin feeling refreshed before hitting the sack. But please, get a separate eye makeup remover. 

Senka Perfect Gel (RM19.90)
This contains smooth micro-oil gel and the natural skin oil cleansing elements work quickly and effectively to detach mascara and impurities from pores. After gently massage this on skin, you can choose to rinse or wipe off with a tissue or cotton. 

Senka Perfect Oil (RM39.90)
This heavy-duty makeup remover helps to keep skin healthy and clean, without damaging the skin even more. Thanks to exclusive ingredient, Horny Plug Sensor Oil (the name is weird), this remover penetrates into the ridges of stubborn plugs to fully remove the impurities. 

Senka Perfect Watery Oil (RM49.90)
With the Sebum Cleansing Ingredient, this can remove impurities from deep within the pores without any scrubbing. 

My personal view, oil remover is good to be used occasionally, especially when you have a heavy makeup on. Dry skin people will love it but still not encouraged to use it daily. Oily skin peeps may not like it but still you can use it occasionally of interested. The gel cleanser is good while the foam is awesome for daily cleanse. 

[NEW] Senka Speedy Perfect Whip
Gentle & Quick
While the traditional Perfect Whip takes about 30 seconds to create lather, now is just a pump away! Formulated with silk extract as a moisturizing property, this Speedy removes excess oil and dirt and retains necessary moisture, leaving skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Retails at RM34.00 at selected Watson's store nationwide. 

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Miss Ika said...

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Miss Ika, awwww thank you :)