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Beaubox | A Box That's Out-Of-The-Box!

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We have all heard about sample subscription boxes as it’s been all the rage since the past year and most beauty junkie would have already subscribed to at least 1 box. As much as we all still love the sample boxes, it’s undeniable that secretly, we do wish for more. Well, Beaubox is here to bring beauty boxes to the next level.

Ladies, be prepared to immerse yourself in a world where beauty surprises you with the first beauty box to promise you a minimum of 4 full-sized products. All subscription beauty boxes are created based on athematic approach promising only full and actual-sized products. No mini samples or tiny bottle for a single application.

The founder, Kelvin Tan says that Beaubox bridges the philosophy of “Beauty without Boundaries”. They specializes in professional formulas, intense pigmentation, and long wearing shades, Beaubox places ardent emphasis on sourcing for the best ingredients that pamper every face. Additionally, they have web-tutorials and hands-on education on how to apply their products which will be very useful to those beginners in makeup. 

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For their debut box with the theme of “Bare Beauty”, it comes in a playful dolly pink box with a heart shaped that could be removed to recycle the box as a tissue container. Aren’t they just thoughtful? The box is in good quality and rather sturdy. The box design changes every quarter of the year thus don’t expect to see different designs every month.

They will have a list of products for a particular month but you will only receive either 4 from the list which can be viewed from the Product List in the box. Here’s what I’ve received for their début box. 

Wonder Powder (RM79) Made in Italy

The Stare Palette (RM149) Made in London

Rays of Light Serum (RM229) Made in USA

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush (RM69) Guest Brand

Most of the products are filled with their own Beaubox brand while every month, they will have 1 or 2 guest brand to be included in the box. I personally believe that this box is a platform where you get to try their in house brand and if you like their products, you can buy them off their online beauty store that will be up on the 24 December 2013. If you are cheap and don’t want to pay for the products you like, they also have a Reward Points system where you get to earn BB Points to be used for redemption on individual products. It can be used partially or fully for any non-promotional items of your choice. 

For a monthly fee of only RM129, you will receive a box of treats worth at least RM380 of value. If you are planning to save yourself from shipping fees, you might as well opt for the 3 months or 6 months package which only cost you RM89 per box.

#Gossip – I heard that there may be a lower price box call the “Petite Box” that targets the younger market due to its affordability. Stay Tuned. 


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