Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Akiyo | Your Designers Jewellery

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I was invited by the Butterfly Project team to pay a friendly visit to Akiyo Jewellery store in Fahrenheit88.  Akiyo is a brand that exerts enthusiasm and dedication towards providing the combination of Japanese and European aesthetic, contemporary and stylish jewelry. They are a team of young, dynamic jewelry designers with strong values and beliefs in their brand's philosophy of "Your Life is Your Story", they believe every piece of your jewelry has a special story behind it.

Founder - Mandy Ang

Mandy explains to us that Akiyo means "Bright, Clear, Sparkle". These handmade delicate yet sleek jewelries are created to bring a unique jewelry to celebrate special moments of your LIFE. Their collection consists of bracelets, anklets and necklaces that you can string beads onto to create a personalized story and or commemorate a special occasion in one's life. 

Their pearls collections are especially unique for they only use 100% Genuine Fresh Water Pearls on the market. Pearls have enchanted women for thousands of years as they are truly a magnificent gift from the sea. If you think pearls are old-fashioned, girl, you're out of style because pearls are classic. I love them for they effortlessly turn my slouchy mess look into a petite slouch with taste. 

I've always wondered how to keep or maintain pearls, Mandy say that the best way is to wear them everyday because the natural oils from your skin will have to keep the pearls shiny. Natural oils as in not lotion, moisturized skin. 

They've newly added anklets into their collection and here are some designs:

More bracelet designs: 

Telling a story is more fun with charms for they are one of the most self-customizable items at home. Is so easy to switch to match according to your daily mood. Akiyo offers a variety of adorable fashion silver charms made with high quality German 925 Sterling Silver.

Each item you purchase comes in a good quality, sturdy box. Lessen your burden of wrapping gifts if you are bad at it.

And oh yes, rings! 

Me and #SmallandHot Sarah!

If you can't find time to drop by their store, no worries, they are on digital too! Just visit to browse, inquire or even order your custom designs! 

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