Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PHILIPS AquaTouch AT750 Electronic Shaver [Review]

electric shaver

I've always been as curious as a cat when it comes to electric shavers. Everytime I see someone using it (on tv/movies/real life etc, I've always wondered if it will work for me, mostly because only guys uses these things. Girls, we use an epilator, a device that grasps multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out (ouch, sounds painful but last longer) which I've not gotten around to try one too. 

When I joined the Butterfly Project Malaysia to assist PHILIPS in their Meaningful Innovation Campaign, I picked this shaver as a reward for the support as a blogger. I was extremely excited because this marks my first electric shaver while imagining myself passing the disposable razor counters without giving them a glance. The money I can save buying disposable plastic razors, heaven. 


The Aquatec seal of the Philips chaver ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Use it wet with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort. It gives a close shave thanks to the dual blade system built inside, it lifts hairs to cut comfortably closer. The rounded low-friction protection heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage. With the QuickRinse system, you can clean under the tap and can be used in the shower. In 1 full charge of 8 hours, you'll get 40+ minutes of cordless shaving. 

Personal view:

My main purpose of owning this is to shave my underarms because that's the only place I don't wax. This is some serious cool stuff. I like the fact that it's ready to use anytime, cordless of course, and it doesn't hurt my skin. The traditional disposable razors leaves my skin feeling sensitive due to the blades dragging on the top layers of my skin. But this does do as it says, lifting the hair and cut, doesn't irritate my skin even with dry shave thanks to the skin protection system. At time, there are a couple of strands that's hard to shave, I had to run through it a couple of times before I get a complete clean underarm.

Of course, this is not the friendliest to travel with, I would rather bring a disposable shaver on my trips. However, it makes you life so much easier having this at home.

This model sells at a recommended retail price of RM199 but I think I saw a couple of places sells different model at RM150+. Just do some research and should be able to find some other cheaper ones.

*Even though product was given, I am not obligated to review*

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Monday, December 30, 2013

A Day With 3D Mural Art @ The Atmosphere

3D Mural Art

Artworks that jumps out at you and make your fantasies come true! 

#NowPlaying When I was your man by Bruno Mars

Finally, we can now find cool street art around Klang Valley. It's fun because you get to capture interesting and creative shots and share them with your friends and family. Plus, it's so mainstream now and it's gone viral on the internet. 

'The Atmosphere' has decided to spare their walls and give them an artistic environment as they invite 20 artists to bring life to the place with 80 mural artworks. The thematic concept 'Artsphere 20/8ty' pays tribute to the 20 talented artists, whose 80 pieces of mural artwork adorn the vicinity, making 'The Atmosphere' the single location with the highest collection of mural arts in Malaysia. And there are 3D masterpieces that will interact with onlookers. 

Coolest launch gambit ever, let's throw glitters!!!

Unfortunately, it was not nicely done. The bosses are no artist themselves.

One of the most interesting performance after the gambit.

Some of the artists :)

About The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere is a joint venture between Eksons Corporation Berhad and Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd, an award-winning integrated commercial development that is `The Atmosphere’ has won 2 awards; the Asia Pacific Awards-Best Mixed-use Development Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Property Awards –Best Mixed-Use Development Asia Pacific.

A hub for the arts, culture, nature, lifestyle and community, the retail lots at `The Atmosphere’ are ideal for specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, bistros, cafes, restaurants and banks. The wide boulevards, meanwhile, are perfectly suited for weekend kiosks and flea markets, with their aura of lively energy.

If you're interested, I highly suggest you to bring along a couple of friends to tag along or bring your family. It's so much more fun if you have the right group of people goofing around with you while you're there, plus tons of fun and creative pictures can be produced if your geng is sporting enough. :) 

I was fortunate enough to tag along with a bunch of blogger friends during the launching. They are always super sporting when it comes to picture taking. Here's my collection of pictures with 3D paintings at The Atmosphere! 

We're "Hanging"

Real tourist

Tourist taking pictures of other tourist

I'm a fireWoman!

Self-explained picture

Monkey clown on unicycle

See the Square QR Code on the right side, scan them to get more info on the art!

Look out for these foot stickers, it shows you where and how to look at the mural for the complete experience and best photo shot. 


My coke is not coming out!

Stealing adam's apple!

Suresh needs to stop peeking.

I made Jumbo tired.

Jumbo seriously not moving :(

Seriously dude, stop making everything fly.

I'm an expert in Roti Canai now.

I assume he is trying to control a space ship.

Almost there Li Chuen, almost.

Captian America and that StarWars thingy...

No Suresh, that broken chair is not part of the artwork.

The artist and his artwork!

If only there's real water...

So artsy.

My hangover looks like this

Sorry but I don't understand art no matter how closely I look.

"Look, I'm stealing banana from an ape!" says Hilda

Beauty Queen Elvina is holding a free drink from Otea!

Yup, I got mine too!

Yums, QQ Peach tea!

Hilda got her's too!

I had the best time walking around with these bunch of people. Thanks Li Chuen, Hilda and Suresh for the awesome time walking under the hot sun!

FB “Strike A Pose” photo contest

“Strike a Pose” with your desired mural art and stand a chance to win outstanding prizes on Artsphere 20/8ty-Official Facebook Photo Contest! This contest begins on the 22nd December 2013 with the first round of the competition themed “Most Liked Photo”. Participants who’ll upload their most creative photos on our Facebook page and receive the most “Likes” will be dubbed the winner! For those who did not win, don’t fret! You are entitled to be part of the second round of this competition that is themed “Most Creative Photo”. Judged by the hip and artsy folks from the management team at The Atmosphere, they’ll get to decide on the winning shot. So get snappin’! Fabulous prizes with a total worth of RM15,000 are up for grabs. Bring out the creativity in you and log in to https://www.facebook.com/artsphere208tyofficial for further information.

Time to go, bye!


The Atmosphere (can be found in Waze)

1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2, Taman Prima Tropika, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

For more information: 

Tel. 603-8942 3663

Fax. 603-8942 6336


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