Monday, November 4, 2013

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder [Impulse Buy]

cooling powder


We all have our impulse buy where we buy things without giving it much thought. Here's one from me, the old time classic Prickly Heat Powder. Why? Just because it looks so cool in it's old school tin packaging and is cheap. I say cheap because it was only about RM5 for 150g worth of talc, parfum, menthol and triclocarban and because I'm working so I can afford it. I'm so not a good role model, I know. Don't need to rub it in. 

Plus, I blame Tesco Klang for doing such a great job in renovating the beauty counters. They now have lights on most rack, making the products look even more desirable now. So annoying. Bad for my purse. 

But seriously, this product is not too shady. Works like a powder suppose to do and smells extremely good with the added lavender scent. What I really like about this is the menthol ingredient, it makes it rather cooling to apply. I'm such people who live in such a warm place like Malaysia will love the cooling effect. Such a refreshing and soothing powder to use.  

What's your Impulse Buy?


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1 comment:

The Dead Cockroach said...

I just returned from Hatyai and I realized they have the snake powder in liquid form and as a shower gel!