Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour [Review]

girl face close up

Eyes so Alluring
They Speak Volumes in a Glance!

Hello! I hope you love the close up picture of my eyes. Lol, yes, I think that they are my best features too because of the unique colour that people find them interesting. 

If you see me in person, I don't usually wear eyeshadows or eyeliner because I'm lazy. Most of the time I go bare lids and brush on mascara before running out of the house. However, it is always fun experimenting with all the looks you can get from playing with eyeshadows. Plus, the right colours can really help to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. 

Just google or youtube, you can find many tutorials and guide of colours complimenting your eye colour. For example, most Malaysian have brown to black iris, thus is best you adopt deeper shades to highlight the dark eyes. Colours such as dark grey, navy blue, brown, black, deep plum and etc will look great. Plus, using metallic shadows such as gold, bronze, silver-grey will help reflect the eyes beautifully. 

However, please don't take them too seriously because they are just references for people who are in dilemma from the crazy wide selection of colours in the departmental store. If you feel like trying a certain colour, by all means go for it because you don't need to get approval from Michelle Phan to tell you what not to do. I'm sure she'll say "You go get it, girl!" for makeup is a world of endless possibility. It's our playground, so why not have fun with it! 

They say red is one of the hard colours to apply, no doubt about that because I was scratching me head while looking hard into these gorgeous loose pigments from Ronasutra. On top of that, this is my first time owning loose shadows. Ignore me while I give myself a big pat on the back because they are one of the most annoying thing in the world. They fly everywhere like birds being let out of their cage. It gets messy if you're not careful, not the best go-to eyeshadow on rush days. 

However, loose shadows are one of the most versatile and pigmented makeup item. No exception to these Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colours. They are 100% natural, safe to use and imparts brilliant and intense shades without over-powering the natural beauty of your eyes. 

Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour are made from 100% minerals, free from potentially harsh chemicals including binders, talc, dyes, fragrance, synthetics, animal extracts, preservatives and oils. It does not clog pores or irritate the delicate eye areas, making it suitable for all skin types. This product boost such vivid colours and clings on well to the lids. For oily lids, you can get away using it without a primer but dry lids may require priming so that the it last longer on the lids. FYI, I have dry to normal lids but I did not use a primer. I'm also happy to announce that removal is a breeze. 

They have 5 palettes and many ways to use them. You can dab and blend with fingers, blend it well with a brush to get a matte finish, damp the brush slightly to get the precise line. 

They all come in handy stackable jars which interestingly allows you to stack all shades together if you love it enough to buy all 5 palettes. Each pot comes with a lid to keep everything in control. 

Palette E2
Pearl, Mauve, Plum Brown

The other set I got is the Palette E3 just because the dark green and the gold is gorgeous.
Light Gold, Dark Green, Gold


They are so, so damn pretty! I almost died touching the loose shadows despite knowing that they can be extremely messy. Though, one thing that I have to mention is that I don't see much fall out from these. Bear in mind that I use a damp brush applying these shadow because I didn't wash my brush beforehand, so I had to wipe the brush with wet tissue. I was too lazy to wait for the brushes to dry so I just didn't care and dip them into the pot damp. To be fair, I was also quite careful by patting it gentle on my lids because of me being paranoid that it will fall all over my cheeks. It really didn't cause much mess on my face with this technique, pretty clean. 

This is available at RM38 each palette of 3 complementing shades. You can buy them through Ronasutra's distribution chain consisting of wholesalers and dealers, selected beauty centers, online retailers, independent pharmacies or from its dedicated cosmetic counters at Plaza Shah Alam, Subang Parade, and Wangsa Walk. Otherwise, get them online at 

Wanna see more colours, visit their website at!
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Jessying said...

wow very pigmented and you blended really well!

JQLeeJQ said...

Jess, Thank you :) The colours itself are very pretty. Seriously. Almost died just swatching them.

Mieza Everdeen said...

omg the colors are very pretty! i'm dying to find a pretty red shade, since i can't get maybelline color tattoo in Pomegranate Punk/Metallic Pomegranate here. definitely going to check these babies out, thanks for reviewing JQ!

Unknown said...

It looks amazing on your eyes !!! The shades are just pretty !

azwaa said...

babe,i love how you do your makeup.very talented!!The combination of colours you used on your lids are gohjes!!

Eva W said...
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Eva W said...

Hi there :) May I know which brand of contact lenses are you wearing in this review? It looked so natural! The lovely shimmer of red shadow just compliment it perfectly. Great job on your bold choice! ;)

JQLeeJQ said...

No probs Mieza!

Thank you Sarah & Azwa!

Eva, I'm not wearing any coloured contacts, it's my natural eye colour :)

Unknown said...

i dunno who she is.. but she have nature beauty .