Sunday, November 24, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick [Review]

girl and red lipstick


Matte lipstick is getting more and more popular, especially to working women for matte lipsticks have a specific mature yet sophisticated look. Plus, a bold lipstick is great for working as it pretty much helps complete your entire bare face. Imagine how much this can save you for those last minute meeting with the bosses. A matte lipstick is usually also last longer on your lips than those with glossy or creamy finish. 

MAT4 is a beautiful bright orange with a strong red undertone. The packaging is similar to other color sensational lipsticks except that the cover is frosted to signify the matte color range. It's not as drying as I had expected, it applies rather smoothly and the color payoff is great even with just one swipe. Of course, build it up as you wish should you want a much stronger color payoff. 

It last about 3-5 hours if I don't eat anything oily and the stain remains strong for about 6-7 hours. Well, removing is a bit of a pain because of the great cling on the lips. It is highly recommended to exfoliate and moisturize you lips properly or this may just settle into lip lines. I also recommend for you to bring a balm or Vaseline to apply over the lips should you be prone to dry lips. 

With a bold color, we can't run away from needing a mirror for application. Is not something we can swipe and go. As much as the color is pretty, I'm not too sure how universal this color is, it may not be suitable for some skintone. 

red lipstick


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1 comment:

Madie Guguchi said...

i just bought this colour. at first, i thought, it was bright orange and I seem so happy after I took a photo with a a orange colour on my lips. But, I tried to take a photo again by using my phone, suddenly it became red. :(