Monday, November 11, 2013

Mary Kay Fairytale & Fantasy Color Collection Fall 2013 [Review]

fairytale princess look

Would you rather be Good or Evil?

dark evil queen look

This is one interesting question to ask after every fairytale movie, if you have a choice, would you rather be the good princess or evil witch? Some people say that they want to be bad because evil usually have the nicest costumes and things. Lols, that's one way to look at it.

 Again, I'm still catching up on my Charmed series. I'm currently at Season 6. I noticed that the bad witch are always the ones with the sexiest clothes. I mean literally minimal cloth usage, like I just cut a piece of cloth and wrap around my body. They always have the prettiest blings and headgears. The best part is, there's no restriction and consequences of using your powers freely. Tempting to be bad, huh.

Everyone loves Fairytale and I'm sure, have their own Fantasy of playing different characters. Good or Evil. Mary Kay is smart to market this amazing Fall Collection for woman around the world to indulge in their childhood fairytale memories and bring them to life.

Become entranced by this mesmerizing collection that tells a romantic story of sparkling shades of pastel and masquerade deep hues. Inspired by the ethereal looks of the fall fashion runways, this collection allows us to achieve gorgeous, enchanting styles at the comfort of our home. 

Any woman can wear this fun trend. Whether you want to be princess-pretty or bring out your inner vixen! 

Quilted Velvet Bag with Pretty Inner-Lining

Glossy Lip Stain 
 Enchanted Mauve (top) and Mulberry Forest (bottom)

This literally stains he lips and provides the ultra-glossy look with great intense color. The brush is short and stiff which makes it amazing for precise application. I outline my lips first before filling them in. Highly suggest to use this method cause the colors are really pigmented. You will need a mirror for this, not a "simply sweep on" lipgloss. This moisturizing lipgloss cost RM60 each.

Kohl Eyeliner 
Blue Knight (left) and Mulberry Forest (right)

It's interesting for me to own my very first red eyeliner, I had no idea how to use them at first. The colors are really pretty and pigmented. They stays on the lids for the longest time without smearing. I love that it comes with a smudge sponge end and a sharpener too! Super convenient when you plan to smudge them out for a smoky look and to sharpen the pencil for precise draw. However, I don't feel that it applies on smoothly, it's definitely not the creamy liner type. I need to draw a few strokes on the back of my hands to warm the product up before drawing on my lids to get a smooth glide. Retails at RM52 each.

Nail Lacquer 
(left to right) Blue Knight, Enchanted Mauve and Mulberry Forest

The colors are absolutely beautiful. I really love all three of them! They applies smoothly and evenly with amazing high gloss finishing. The blue only need 1 coat, red needs 2 coats and nude color needs 3 coats to make the color opaque on the nails. It doesn't last very long though, it chipped within 3 days. Since it's super glossy by itself, I only apply top coat on day 2 to keep it looking glossy and to protect it from chipping.

My Fairytale Look

white princess makeup look

White Princess
from the land Far Far Away, waiting for her prince charming to kill the fire dragon, save her from the tower and ride away with his white horse... so they can live happily ever after.


dark evil witch

Evil Witch
waits for her chance to kill White Princess to take over her crown as Queen of the land Far Far Away. For some reason, she always dies in the end. No exception here.

makeup and nails

Watch a video that inspired me!

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Elwyn~! said...

evil JQ please. too sexy and too fine to say no to :P

Myra said...

OMG! I literally was reading my roomie's Applause from MK last night and was wondering what kinds of look might comes up. Girl! You're totally gorgeous with these looks! :D

xx, Mira |

Lavender said...

Wow makeup do wonders. You r seriously good n creative.

JQLeeJQ said...

Elwyn, lols, calm down. It's a fantasy...

Nuraini, Aww thank you :) I will say their lipstain and nail polish is awesome. Eyeliner so-so.

Lavender, Thank you so much! :D I will try to do more with makeup.

Elwyn~! said...

fantasy on your bf would enjoy :P

Unknown said...

U look gorgeous!

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks Carrie! How's your boy? I hope he still misses me! :D