Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ishizawa Nachu Deka Eyeliner in Navy Gray [Review]

Rocker chic makeup look

For a start, tell me which part of this eyeliner is navy gray? Is either I'm colour blind or this liner is black but not black-black. Get it? Lols. 

Other than that, this liner is not too shabby. Like most felt tip, is as easy as using a pen. It has a thin tip making precise drawing easier. It said to be tear proof where it forms a polymer layer to protect liner from smudging. Claims to be high resistance to sebum, perspiration and tear. Not too sure about that cause I didn't cry while wearing this liner. 

It dries up fast like most felt pen liners and this did smudge for the short duration I've used them. This Japan product seems pretty promising. Removal wasn't a pain in the ass either. 

If I'm not mistaken, I think is a tad bit over my eyeliner budget. Its RM71 from Natta Cosme I have a feeling you can find this in Sasa. So keep your eyes open for this :)


Girl applying eyeliner


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