Friday, November 8, 2013

Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks [Review]

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I'm Cik Cheeky Cheek!

Welcome my fellow readers to this cheeky blogpost on cream blushers. I had my eyes on these awake-face-makers ever since I tried them in the KISS ME event a while back in Sunway Lagoon. If you missed out on that hot girls in bikinis blogpost, click here now

Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks
Face with no blusher yet.

Seriously, one of the prettiest pink I've ever worn. These milky textured cream blusher is amazingly pigmented with even just a tiny bit of product. It may look intimidating at first but blend, blend, blend. It's not too much at all, it just makes my face look freaking bright and happy. 

It's not sticky and a cream blusher is always longer lasting on the skin. It recommend a circle of 3mm in diameter on each for the perfect amount but whatever, use as you like! Use it as a powder blush base if you want. I suggest patting in circular outwards motion starting from the center apples of the cheek instead of sweeping all over the cheeks, it just works better for me. 

Left to Right: 01 Baby Pink, 03 Peach Pink, 02 Cutie Pink

My Fav, 02 Cutie Pink because it has a hint of purple in it

You can choose to use all 3 at one go or just use one on its own. This is just for you to see how each of them looks like. 

This made in Japan product really caught me by surprise, I literally stared at the mirror and OMG for a good 20 second while turning my head left and right and front again to admire my pretty cheeks. Vain-ess Overload. 

7g for RM39.90. Probably available in Sasa. 

*product was given for review, not paid*  xo, 

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azwaa said...

I have one in peach pink and i like like like the result especially in looks almost dolly pink. :)