Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's on my face?

simple pretty Asian girl

Hi! I miss you!

Here's what I used on my face :)

  1. Maybeline Rocket Volum' Express
  2. Gradient lips with Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint
  3. K-Pallete Lasting 2Way Eyebrow
  4. Lunasol Coral Blusher
  5. Maybeline Color Tattoo x 2
My aim was to test out the Color Tattoos. It lasted whole day without smudging! Super long lasting and colour pay off is amazing. I really love it.


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shikee said...

May i know the color lens that you're wearing? Because it looks amazing on you!

JQLeeJQ said...

Shikee Soh, it's actually my natural eye colour :) I'm only wear a powered clear lens. Hehe, thank you for the compliment!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Even without make up, your face is always flawless (: So pretty! The k-pallete two way brows seems good, gotta check it out!

Unknown said...

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