Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner [Review]

girl holding glitter liners

It's Glitter Baby!

I just can't get enough of it! Well, not entirely honest but it has it's good and bad. Read on and you'll know why. 

Don't get me wrong, I love glitters. Of course, wearing them at an appropriate occasion because I can't seem to pull it off like how Ke$ha glamorously throwing them everywhere, making everything looks so desirable. Oh, to all Ke$ha fans, sorry that her concert got cancelled. I had 4 tickets my own, I know it sucks. So, I hope this could cheer you all up with a little Ke$ha and her glitter obsession. 

Ignore me, I get worked up when things like that happens.

Girl applying glitter eyeliner

Since I've been watching a whole lot of Charmed series lately, let's turn back time for some history of these shiny tha-ngs. 

Back then, from 40,000 to 200 B.C, during the time of Ancient Glamour, mankind only used these light-reflective particles for special occasions and their glitter was in superb quality. Then in the 1930s, some bastard (which I won't name, just in case they planning to sue me for his company still exist) decided to grind up plastics to make glitter. Fine, he was credited to be the first in making modern glitter for the mass. Thanks to him, we can now all enjoy glitter anytime, anywhere. Refined shimmer in makeups comes into existence only in the early 60s. That's when women are free to enjoy glitters on their face and body. 

There's was an article stating that glitters can look a tad bit childish, teenage look. I know most of us want to look young but slapping a bunch of glitters on yourself will get you no where. If you insist, at least do it elegantly, dust but not slap them on you. 

Glitters are not foe, they can be our best friend if you use them gracefully. They are some of those things that helps make your eyes pop and a little shine to get you noticed from the crowd. 

Without flash

With flash

Undeniably, the Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners are darn pretty and the best part is that they do not contain big chucks of glitter in them. These babies contains fine glass pearls that gives out the sparkle effect. The high-colour pigment formula provides a vivid colour pay off, sweat proof and dries up rather quickly due to the hypercoating polymer. 

The tip is made out of nylon which makes it super flexible. Some people love how precise it can get but I find myself struggling with this amazingly fine end. Great for drawing but not so friendly when I needed more disco ball power on my lids. Sometimes, it drives me crazy as it dries in a speed of light and padding on more just makes it look tacky-ish and too much. So work very, very fast with this and you may just get the most gorgeous results. 

This bling-bling last a good amount of time. With that, don't get me started with the pain of removing it. Well, it happens with good glitter liners or basically anything with good lasting power. So I've got no complains, I choose long lasting over slobbing all over my face. 

It's available in 5 colours (black, brown, pearl, sand and blue drop). I have these waterproof liners in pearl (white) and sand (gold) because I love using them as under-eye and inner corners highlighter. The rest, I've shared them with my lovely colleagues. It retails at RM45.90 each and please remember to shake well before using them because the good stuffs are at the bottom. 


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1 comment:

N.Munira J said...

I think the color is nice! The right pigmentation and it's waterproof!
Oh, so you're using it as tear drop eyeliner as well!
Anyway, thanks for sharing this! Might check it out at Skinfood KLCC later.
P.S.: Totally get you. Feel down after the cancellation was made and spread via FB. Sigh.