Friday, October 11, 2013

NESTLE DRUMSTICK Most Adventurous Challenge!

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Here's your chance to head out for an adventure and win prizes worth more than RM100,000*!!

NESTLE DRUMSTICK brings you the ultimate challenge to search and locate NESTLE Ice Cream Freezers across Malaysia! Just start by visiting:

I had a different challenge. Physically demanding.
Mini Wipe Out Style!

After seeing so many people gone through the physical challenge, it's finally my turn! 

Epic Shot.
Look at all the flour flying around. 

All I got to do was just run in, grab ice cream and try to run out in 5 seconds and win RM50 cash. Of course, you have to earn the RM50, is not that simple. Try getting PUNCHED, WATER-FIED, FLOUR-FIED, TIRE-FIED, JELLY-FIED & MORE...... 

I was probably the driest among all the contestants. Here's why...

I ran in, looked around, was confused of what I needed to do. All I heard was the emcee shouting "all the way, all the way till the end", and so I did as he said and tip toed like a little girl till the end of the tunnel. I saw the freezer, grabbed the one and only NESTLE DRUMSTICK that was laying comfortably at the bottom of the freezer. I turned and waited for the door to unveil itself while I vaguely hear voices of people outside counting down till the second my life depends on my athletic skills to brace through the obstacles and run out as fast as I could. However, things didn't worked out as planned. As I stepped into the adventure tunnel, my drumstick slipped out of my hands and couldn't be found anywhere for it was rather dark and chaotic. I decided to run back and get another ice-cream. Of course, it was definitely more than 5 seconds, everything stopped when I failed to complete the challenge within the time frame. Still, I ran out like a champion, posing as if I've just won the RM50. Showbiz is tough, need to make it look like I've failed but who cares. Lols. 

Here's a Sunway Lagoon ticket and NESTLE DRUMSTICK for me!

I'm so proud that at least some of the bloggers won the challenge! :D

You can't join the physical challenge but if you are Extreme Enough, you can join the online version of Most Adventurous Challenge and win yourself some awesome goodies!!! 

Find out how by visiting 

-Big thanks to Jess Lee for helping in picture taking-
*This is a sponsored post*

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