Sunday, October 20, 2013

KISS ME Sunway Lagoon Event!

girls in sunway lagoon

Come meet my new friends! 
(left to right) Ashley, Kanmani, Me & Kimberly.
FYI, Ashley & Kimberly are twins while Kanmani & I are sisters from a different father. Lols

It was one of the best days in my life where fun, laughter and teamwork all come together as one. It's been a while since I joined a "race" where the 2 hours was fully focused on completing the task to win the grand prize. I think I come to the point of life where competition is important but the new friends that you meet are to be cherished for life. :) 

KISS ME was so kind to organize such an amazing event for us bloggers and our friends to come together for a good fun time. Also, a great thanks for MANOAH for inviting me for this fabulous beach party. 

When I was lonely...

Then I said hi to a few friends :)

Walking into Lagoon

Before the mini race begins, we had a pit stop for a little makeover session for us to test and see if KISS ME eyeliner and mascara is really, superbly waterproof. I specially love the mascara, it separates and lengthens my lashes amazingly! The eyeliners were extremely black, great for people looking for something pigmented. Will revel at the end of the blogpost on how did it last on my lids after a good session of vigorous water splash activity. 

Walked to our first station, got into teams and screamed our cheer! If you want to know, my team name was Pufferfish. :D We are cute but pokey, so don't mess with us. 

First challenge, first team leader to get the SUNKILLER Sunblock and KISS the lady from KISS ME earns 10 points! Find me with an orange hairband above. Thanks to daddy, I swim fast :D

Of course, being out in the sun, sunblock is a must! We used SUNKILLER Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+/PA++++ on our body and face. So many '+', totally great for outdoors activity. The consistency was very thin making it easy and fast to apply without leaving unwanted white residue. Plus, it is not greasy and has a pleasant scent :)
The challenge begin...

We were given a set rules as well as clues to complete 8 task around Sunway Lagoon. Yup, 100 over pretty girls running around in beach wear... you've just missed it. 

My team was pretty chillax, we did as many as possible and waited in queue for our turn to sit the rides, thus we only managed to complete 4 task. So here's what we did...

360 degree pirate ship.
Being upside down was surprisingly fun. Look at me, giving a victory sign.

Scream Park: World War Z
Total nightmare, I hate all these things. Being scare by a zombie is terrifying. Totally had my head down, looking at the floor the entire journey while being dragged out by my friends. Lols. I almost fractured Kanmani's hand for holding them too tight. I felt like dying...

Playing with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.
Okay no, we weren't ask to play with them, just sticking our hands in to dig out scrabbles. Fun right? 
Lols, no. Apparently they bite and their hissing is extremely loud!

Searching scrabbles in a pile of dirt and Madagascar cockroaches in the way is not easy.

We done it!

Vuvuzela was the most amazing challenge we've done. It was definitely worth the waiting time. FUN!

Makeup check: 
The liner and mascara was still there with only little smudges at the edge of my lids. 
Good stuff. 

Pampering Session.

After the mini race, we freshen up and get straight to work on beautifying ourselves! Makeup, hair and nails were generously sponsored by KISS ME. Plus, we had PHOTOBOOTH! Yeay!!!! 

Lunch was rather yummy too, well, could be the hungry tummy talking after all the running. My team didn't win anything but congratulations to all those who did. They won themselves a great big hamper from KISS ME! More beauty stuff for them to play with.

For those didn't win, here's a free gift! :D

Group picture! 
So many girls, so little time :)

Thank you KISS ME and MANOAH for making this event possible and a success!!!

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