Tuesday, October 22, 2013

K-Palette Zero Tema BB Cream [Review]

BB Cream


I've always known K-Palette for its awesome mascara, eyeliner and brow products. I honestly love their brow products even though some may be too dark for me. This time, I was introduced their Zero Tema BB Cream. If you know me, I'm currently quite a big fan of BB creams and I use them everyday as a base for a fuller make up or even just on its own for those lazy days.

I love how small and sleek the packaging looks. The reflective, pink metallic tube makes the product looks elegant and classy. Unfortunately, with a beautiful exterior like that doesn't works well with a messy girl like me. Just look at the tube cap, I only have been using it for 1 week consistently, my thumb print is visible all over the tube like some clumsy criminal leaving its mark everywhere.

I was surprise when they provided me shade no.2 in natural because many times, I presume that I'm suppose to use the lightest shade. In the beginning when I squeeze it out of the tube, it does look too yellow for my skin tone but after applying it and wait for about 1 minute, it will oxide to my skin colour. Thus, I can safely say that light to medium shade Asian ladies is suitable to use the natural shade for it oxidizes to match your skin tone quite well.

Just like most BB cream, we can't run away with they fact that they are filled with many benefits. This is no different, its a multi-functional product in one tube. It can be use as a foundation, moisturizer, makeup base and sunblock with SPF30 PA++. It comes with goodness of beauty essence such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized all day long.

One extra special ingredient in this BB cream is the composition of pearly ingredients that helps brightens up the skin. You can see the difference after just one application. Notice your pores all covered up and at the same time, gives you a more supple and vibrant look!

Can you see how my skin is smoother and brighter even though I'm already so fair?! Plus its light reflecting effect that makes my skin looks supple due to the moisturizing essence as well as the pearl ingredients. 

Extra info: Its parabens free, mineral oil free, fragrance free and synthetic dyes free! This all natural ingredient products works gently on all skin type except oily skin people for they may not like the reflective effect too much. I suggest to powder over it especially the T-zone area. 

What do you think?

Available at selected SASA outlets at a price of RM59.90 for 30g.

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