Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Against Bullying! [Anti-Bullying Campaign]


I didn't have much drama growing, my life was rather peaceful except those few moments where you felt picked-on directly or indirectly. So, I can't say growing up was a peach either. I had my fair share of bullying issues, wasn't a lot or in any severe case but good enough to know that being bullied is not a good feeling. Physically or emotionally, it still scars a human being for life. I can still flash back every memories of me being bullied clearly, because it was traumatic.

Don't look at me now, as a kid, I was weak.

Plaster on face

Here're some things you don't know about me.

Once in kindergarten, I had my hair pulled by a boy in rage asking me to say "he's the best", out loud a couple of times before he let my hair go.

Then in standard one, I was being ordered around by a girl of my age. I was afraid of her. She keep taking all of my favourite and new stuff, especially my cartoons ink stamps! She pulled my hair and pushed me around. I was so scare of going to school because of her. She almost forced me to be in the same class as her during the first day of school assembly period where we had to line up according to our respective classes. D: She even freaking liquid papered my pink backpack!!!! *I'm getting very emotionally angry right now* It went on for quite a while and I think my parents realized that I was being unusually quiet and depressed. I finally broke down and spilled the beans to my parents. Cried like crazy with my dad trying to comfort me and hugged me. My dad was my hero to solve this problem for me. One day he waited with me for my school bus and asked me to point out who liquid papered my bag. He scolded the girl and that night brought me to see her dad and exposed all her wrong doings. Her dad was terribly sorry for her daughter's actions, I believed taught her a lesson after my dad and I left their house. Ever since then, she was extremely nice to me.

girl fear and cry

In high school, I was only good at one thing, Choir. Other than that, I pretty much sucked. I wasn't very good in my studies, just average but by God's grace, I was placed in the second class and then first class since form 4. Though, being in the first class was competitive, I guess I did my very best to do well but other people always seem to be better than me. I'm always placed number one or two from the bottom in the entire class.

In an all girl school, you have to be either smart, pretty or excel in sports to be in the popular group. Unfortunately, I was neither back then, I wasn't even very good at volleyball even though I was in the school team. Thus, my clique outside of choir life is the wallflower group, we were pretty much invisible. Most of the time we only shine when they needed a team to do the clean ups during Canteen Day. Dirty work is our forte!

It wasn't all bad being a teen but it was more depressing than good for me, many times I was so emotionally overwhelmed with what I'm going through till one day, after telling how I feel to one of my math teacher, she told me to don't bother about them and don't take it so hard on myself. You don't need them to accept you because after high school, all these are nothing. Things will change when you are in university. Things will change when you start working.

Her words was empowering, I teared in silence while walking back to my class. I carried those words on my heart till now and I share them to other's in struggles too. At my age now, every time I look back, all I can say is "My Teacher Was Damn Right".

I became much stronger when I was in Uni and learnt to either don't care, take good criticisms or to voice out. I became more confident and life got better for me. Now, people say I don't take crap from others, well, I had a long journey growing up and because of that, I'm against bullying, physically, verbally or emotionally. It's bad either way.

In conjunction with 'RAGE Against Bullying' Anti-Bullying Campaign, here's my pledge against bullying and stick up against bullying. 

Show your support by start pledging!

For more information, please visit http://rageagainstbullying.com/

This is my story, what about you? 
Comment and share your experiences.


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Sabrina Tajudin said...

Bullying is a big deal. It affect our emotion badly. Wounds can be treated, but emotion hardly can. It can really give a big impact in life. Like most of the news I heard, some even go for suicide. Not only bully cause by beating or physical reaction, but words are even worse. That is pretty bad. Because I even experience it in high school. Just a simple words can really effect me emotionally for years. Its an issue that people should really looked up.

Gwen Ailing said...

Many find bullying fun, they love the power. But I, like many others, am one of a victim as well. And it affects one person as well. I fell into depression, and ocassionally i still do. It was bad at a point, i wanted to run away or just kill myself.
I on the other hand, wasn't as lucky as you where your dad confronted her dad and her dad apologized. Mine didn't believe me. and not just that, the girl knew my parents knew and she quickly twisted the story saying I was the one who bullied her and did everything vice versa.
Till today, i still see her around and she hasn't done anything so far anymore. But it still haunts me to see her.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

I think the kid who bullied you during kindergarten liked you.

AnnTan said...

first of all, your portrait in portraying againts bullying is superb, just like the film cover photo for Silent Hill 1. yes, i can understand how angry you were, i was bullied much older when i was 13 and that memory last longer than anyone think it is ) :

Jian Quin Lee said...

Thank you so much for all your comments and input! I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one growing with bullying issues. and OMG, that could be true that the kid likes me... :(

I hope everyone is having a much better life now and let's overcome the emotions that we are holding on, this time, telling them to bug off and leave us alone!

I love you all!