Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Honeypot | I'm a Sexy Kitty [Review]

girl holding camera

Shh.... Don't tell my Mama that I waxed my....

Well, hello there. I would like to believe that you are here to read more about my Brazilian Waxing experience and not for any other reasons. Honeypot marks my second time doing a Brazilian Waxing and this time I was prepared. Lols, at least I know what I had to do and not to do this time.

Interested to get rid of those bushes for hygiene and comfort purpose, here are some dos and don'ts: 

  • Don't shave for at least 2-3 weeks. The longer the hair, the easier the waxing will be. 
  • Do ensure that your period is not around that time to reduce the pain. Usually it can be more sensitive nearing those time of the months. 
  • Don't be shy, lols, I remember my first time, felt so weird and naked. 
  • Do breath during the waxing process. If you forget, don't worry, the lady will remind you. 
  • Do bring something to take your mind off it, play with your handphones or read a book (lols, good luck in trying to read a book) anything that will help you get distracted instead of staring blindly at the wall.  
  • Don't be scare to scream if it's really painful. Haha, or swear if it roll it that way. Nobody will judge. 

waxing room

The waxing station for all your needs.

Prep time!

Balut with a pink kain. 
(Wrapped in a pink towel)

Three of your best friend throughout the waxing process.

Your not so best friend, the hard wax. This is Cherry Pie Hot Wax I presume.

Thank god the lady say I didn't have super stubborn hair or it will be more painful. Trust me, when you waxed once, you will love the after effect. The hair grows out softer and easier to wax the next round. It will last for about 4 weeks before the hair grows back. 

Honeypot was great. The lady will prepare me before a ripping off those sensitive areas and she does it quick. Everything was done within 20-30minutes. I think the best part about the place is that, it was peaceful and quiet along with calming music in the waxing room. Seriously, when doing all these things, some quiet location helps with your mind and soul. I was at the Bangsar Shopping Centre outlet, not sure how are the other outlets.

After waxing, no hot baths, no swimming, no scrubbing and no tight-tight clothing for 24 hours. Then, do scrub and moisturize for maintenance. 

Smiling after the waxing! 

Bangsar Shopping Centre (03-20925598)
One Utama (03-77295598)
Monday - Sunday 
10.30am - 9.00pm


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cindy said...

i love waxing but it's painful both on that part and my wallet too!!!!!

Charmaine Pua said...

Tried once and it was really painful! Kinda awkward to let ppl see my intimate part for so long haha

Elwyn~! said...

Someone is gonna enjoy that landscaping for sure. Hehehe. I agree, it feels good to have done some landscaping :P

Sabrina Tajudin said...

It looks like a strawberry syrup!

Keryicanboleh said...

Oooo...Sounds so painful...But might give it a try, jz for the experience.
Thanks for a great post.


Trislynnchan said...

never wax before...i'm curious on how are we going to posture ourselves so is easier for them to wax. Just lying like that....erm...like bersalin like that ar???

Jean said...

the only thing that holds me from trying it is I am too shy to let someone see.... hahaha.. but i guess i will come to a point to let it go and just do it.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. seems like waxing with women is really gaining ground with the urbanites.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. seems like waxing for the urban woman is covering some ground.

JQLeeJQ said...

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your support. Never thought this post will get so many comments. To answer a few questions:

1. Yes, it was still painful for me. Lols, but at least it is expected this time. So, not too bad.

2. Yes, it was kinda awkward for me too, even for the second time exposing myself. I understand the shyness of some one looking at it for so long, to make it sounds worst that they will have to touch them too, to ensure they have remove as much hair as possible. So let's kill the shyness together for a cleaner bottom. Trust me, it is so much more comfortable without the bushes for they are more hygienic and less itchy.

3. Yes, I highly recommend Brazilian waxing to all women, at least try once because the difference is huge. It doesn't have to be in Honeypot, you can try other outlets too. :)

4. Posture wise, er... lay down and they will ask you to bend your legs but not like 'bersalin' posture. Try swimming frog style while laying down, something like that.

5. I used to think Bralizian waxing is not something Malaysian will do but if you google them, there are some conservative ladies doing it too for hygienic and comfort purpose. I have a lot of friends love Brazilian waxing too and they do it regularly.